Taylor Hanson & Wife Expecting Baby # 4

The Hanson baby boom continues! Taylor, the middle brother of the band Hanson, and his wife Natalie are expecting their fourth child this winter,

“Each of our kids has made life richer and more exciting,” Taylor, 25, and Natalie, 26 stated. “We can’t wait for this guy to join the party.”

Their fourth child will join six Taylor cousins, including two recent additions: Zac and Kate Hanson welcomed their first child, Shepherd, in May and Isaac and Nikki Hanson welcomed their second baby, Monroe, in July.

This fall, the brothers will be on the road with their Walk Around the World Tour – with babies in tow. As Zac recently said,

“We may have to think about getting a second bus!”

Source: People

Photo: Bauer-Griffin

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  • dea

    As long as they wont end up like the Duggars..

  • christie

    busy, busy boys! lol! and what is wrong with the duggars?? they choose to have that many children and its their life!!

  • anon

    seriously- they are so annoying- stop procreating already!

  • Tracy

    If you want to have that many children, environmentally speaking, you should adopt. This earth can’t take it.

  • Jen

    Ummmm, so married couples should stop having their own children and adopt someone else’s? Riiiight.

    Jealous much?

  • nosoupforyou

    No one should have 18 children. No one…..for the earth as well as the children’s sake.

    The Hanson’s are fine. This is their 4th not their 18th.

  • Tracy

    Jen ~ They are in their early 20’s, they could technically keep going for years to come. I didn’t say that 4 was too many, but geez, it’s not a race. How about enjoying the ones you already have for a little while.

  • nosoupforyou

    Some people enjoy having their children spaced closely. It is a personal choice.

  • Jen

    Yes, exactly. They’re in their 20’s. Should they be like a lot of 30-something’s who, like idiots, put off having children until it’s too late for them to conceive without help? They don’t have a normal 20-something income, either, since they are in the entertainment business. It’s safe to say they can afford their family without government assistance. I see no reason why this couple should be questioned for having more kids. The girl has healthy ovaries. Good for her.

  • Rinoa

    Maybe they don’t believe in birth control? But that’s beside the point…

    Congrats to them! When I was a young teenager, Taylor was my biggest celebrity crush so I’m pretty happy to see him so happy and fulfilled!

  • dea

    Wow looks like I opened a can of worms, just made a little comment about the Duggars and esomebody got her panties in a twist.

  • whatever!


  • Anonymous

    shee’s if the hanson brothers want to have a heck load of kids why doesnt everyone leave them alone and let them have there kids. they have lots of money and a good caree heck look at their parents did they like uh have 6 or 7 kids nothing stopped them and all the kids turned out good

  • Anonymous

    why is it so wrong for the hanson brothers to have a lot of kids but its ok for brad pitt to have a bunch of kids pop out get busy pop our get busy now that weird

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