Tori Spelling’s Triplet Wish

Tori Spelling, who has two children, Liam, 1, and Stella, 2-months-old with husband Dean McDermott, has no plans to extend her family in the near future, but confessed to that she would love to have triplets one day,

“Dean and I are going to take a hiatus from having babies. But when we decide to have more, maybe I will be able to produce triplets! I’d like that. But that would be in the future – not right now. I am going to have a little break to raise the babies we have. But we definitely want more.”

Tori also revealed that she is happier with her body now that she is a mother,

“When I was young it’s always that thing – you can never be too thin. Now that I’m in my 30s – I’m married, happy and have a baby – I realise I’m at a healthy weight. I don’t want to get any thinner. This is what looks good.”

Source: via Female First

Photo: Bauer-Griffin, August 12

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  • k

    What a ridiculous thing to wish for, apart from all the risks to mother and children in having triplets, virtually the only way for her to have triplets would be IVF, is this just to keep up with all the other multiples born recently??
    Just wish to have happy healthy children, not more than the last celeb!!

  • Rinoa

    I would never wish to have triplets – you’d have to be crazy!

    My sister had twins back in the fall and she’s having a tough time with just twins and a toddler. I guess Tori would at least be able to hire help. My sister’s twins came when she was just 26 weeks pregnant. K, you’re right that there are so many risks with multiple births.

  • Abby

    She wont have time for for Triplets. If she does she will probaly just let the nannies raise them.

  • Nicole

    I am so tired of celebs tossing statements like this out “We want twins!” or “We’re going to adopt!” or “I want to have six kids!” It’s ridiculous. What’s wrong with just saying “I’d like to have more children”? Why sensationalize it like that?

  • Janie

    She sounds ridiculous!

  • Tracy

    You know, we’re not made to have litters. Multiple births pose many risks to the mother and the babies.
    These celebs act like its the latest “must have” bag or shoes-or worse, a competition.
    And since they have plenty of staff, its not like they have to raise them themselves. It’s a lot of work, and only gets harder (and more expensive for us real people) as they grow up. I’m sorry, but it’s ridiculous-and I have twins!

    • CylonSixxx

      I completely agree with you, Tracy.

  • Peta

    I hate to sound catty, but triplets would probably get her more money from the magazines when she sets up her babies’ ‘grand debut’. I can’t think of any other reason for someone, especially a celebrity, to wish for triplets.

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