Christina Applegate Not Trying To Get Pregnant

When Christina Applegate started talking about her breast cancer diagnosis, it wasn’t because she wanted to – it was because she wanted to refute the false stories that the tabloid world was circulating about her. Possibly the biggest one was Star magazine’s claim that she was putting off chemotherapy so she could get pregnant and have a child.

Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts interviewed her on GMA today, where Robin explains,

“She wanted to dispel some false reporting that was out there. She wasn’t really ready to go public yet. But there was some false reporting that was out that she was going to undergo chemotherapy, which she is not. There were other false reports saying that she was putting off chemotherapy to start a family, that she wanted to get pregnant. She does want to have a family one day, but that is not the reason she made her choice.”

Christina had a double mastectomy and is now cancer-free.

By Nicole

Source: GMA via Jossip

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  1. I hope the double mastectomy made sure they really removed all the cancer from Christina’s body.

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