Jessica Alba’s Secrets To Bounce Back After Baby Revealed

“Jessica went from a size 8 to a size 4 pretty quickly, the baby always comes first, but Jessica definitely set goals for herself,” says Braganza, who now trains Alba six days a week. “Jessica has made amazing progress in a very short time.”

And training with her friend Jamie King visibly also helps,

“She loves working out with a girlfriend.”

Source : People

Photo : Bauer Griffin

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  • cecilia

    I like jess, but she was at least a size 10 when she was pregnant, she gained a lot of weight, and she is maybe a size 8 now, not a size 4. Seriously she is wearing spanx under that dress. I saw her yesterday in jeans and she was deff. a size 8.

  • gia

    i love how the big secret is always diet & exercise…i am so shocked! the simple equation of taking in less & working out more actually works? duh!!
    plus she is still in her 20’s, it was her first baby & she is a rich celebrity, so she can afford the best trainers… i would be more shocked if the weight stayed on for more than a nano second.

  • oh please, these celebrities are known liars. she starved herself. plus she looks heavier than a size 4.

  • Pencils

    Is she breastfeeding? It’s not actually healthful to lose that much weight so fast after pregnancy, especially when you’re breastfeeding. Your body has been depleted after pregnancy, and you need to build it back up. From what I understand, even the big advocates of low-carb diets say that post-partum women should eat carbs. It’s her job to have a wonderful body, but I hope she doesn’t end up with problems such as osteoporosis later in life because she didn’t allow her body time to bounce back after pregnancy.

  • Rachel

    She commented throughout her pregnancy about how uncomfortable she felt in her prego body. We should not be surprised at any drastic measures she took or how quick it was that she got back to her pre-prego figure. News flash for her though: your body will NEVER be the same.

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