Katie & Suri Visit Chelsea Piers (Again)

Katie and Suri, 2, were spotted yesterday at one their favorite hangouts in Manhattan – Chelsea Piers. While getting out of the car, Suri waved to the photographers.

Photos: INFdaily.com/Splash

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  1. suri wore a dress by Splendid

    more info and pics on my site

  2. Nicole

    Dude stop plugging your site! LOL

    Suri seems to be much more at ease with the paps during the day, they should probably do their best to keep them away at night. Not that Suri needs to be going to dinner with a bunch of adults anyway.

  3. Amanda

    yea seriously Suri Cruise Italia stop selling your own site,your scary obsessed with Suri and the Cruise family if you are finding and telling every single outfit or toy she has.It’s beyong creepy,almost like your being a stalker….I looked at your site and its pretty odd that you have every dress she’s worn with the name and stuff with it…. o.O

  4. sorry..I think you like it..(Suri, not the site)

  5. Kayla

    haha i do like your site. is that the same one on wiko before. it’s very similar.

  6. Leia

    love those eyes of hers.it matches the background in the first picture.

  7. belicoso

    See, now this is just a candid moment with Katie and her daughter. She didn’t call the paps to come cover it and she didn’t intentionally bring her daughter to a place where she knew the media would be. That is how caring parents operate….exploitative parents like Larry Birkhead (the most glaring example) seem like they’re only in it for the money. Anytime they can get money for coverage of the child’s first tooth or first haircut they will sell it. Family privacy and dignity is obviously a concept that is lost on parents like him but Katie is doing a much better job. Now if she could only find a husband who wasn’t a nut…….

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