Felicity Huffman Is A Modern Mom

On her definition of a Modern Mom: I’ll start with my definition of an old-fashioned mom: a mom who puts the needs of everyone else above hers to her own detriment. A modern mom respects herself and honors her needs on par with those of her family.

On her secret to balancing career and family: Honestly, I don’t have one. I rush from one thing to another and have a lot of guilt…I’m still striving to find that balance. But, I will say that having great, reliable childcare is essential and I’m thankful that I can have caregivers who have been with us since our girls were born. For any mom, solid childcare — whether it’s a babysitter, a relative, or daycare — makes all the difference. And, my husband, Bill, is amazing too…he travels a lot for work, but when he’s here, he’s HERE.

On what her parents taught her about parenting: My mom raised me and gave me the gift of fun and pleasure. She showed me how to enjoy every moment. Another great gift was that she didn’t make motherhood out to be the best thing in the world she was honest about how tough it can be. I can always call her and say, “It’s so hard!” and not feel bad about it.

On what she wants to teach her daughters, Sofia and Georgia: I want them to have a strong sense of self…that they can always listen to and rely on.

On her favorite family activity: Tickling on the couch! And we sing a lot…Bill plays the ukulele or the guitar and we sing together. We also love to take long walks in our neighborhood.

On who she admires most: My mom. Maya Angelou, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Oprah. And Cate Blanchett for her astounding talent and skill…I’d do craft services (serving meals on movie sets) just to work with her!

On her greatest achievement: Actually, I won a Good Housekeeping Excellence award last year for my Head’s Up Comfort Pillow- a pillow I created when my girls were young. My neck hurt when I’d rock them in the glider and pillows would always slide down, so out of frustration and sleep-deprivation, I pulled out my sewing machine and made myself a pillow that stayed put. We put it on the market about a year ago and then Good Housekeeping gave us this award! It was so thrilling!

Winning an Obie (off-Broadway award); and winning the Golden Globe and being nominated for an Academy Award for Transamerica also rank high…along with marrying Bill Macy (aka actor William H. Macy).

On the product(s) can’t you live without: Truly, my pillow when the girls were younger…I needed it so badly I created it! I still love my glider in their room. Our sound machine that instantly settles us down wherever we are. And, Kate Somerville’s Kate in a Jar.

On what she does when she’s feeling selfish: I read and drink tea in bed.

On what’s keeping her busy these days: Promoting the Head’s Up Pillow — not because I think I’ll make a gazillion dollars, but because I feel that everyone needs to know about products that help moms and I really think every mom should have one.

I also wrote a book with my best friend, Patricia Wolfe: A Practical Handbook for the Boyfriend (Hyperion) which was released about a year ago.

And of course, my family and Desperate Housewives always keeps me busy.

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What a smart and fabulous woman!


I love Felicity – she seems so grounded & normal.


she is normal!


Hi, Julie

Sofia is 8 years old(1 August 2000) and Georgia is 6 years old (14 March 2002).


Thanks Tess 🙂

Bob Pechner

Please try to get this note to Felicity Huffman: My wife and I are retired seniors. We have been looking without any success for her “Comfort Pillows”. They are called “The Head’s Up” Comfort Pillow by Felicity Huffman. The closest we came to finding one was on a telephone conversation with a Bed Bath and Beyond store in New York.
Unfortunately they did not have any. Are any of these products available? Thank You, Robert Pechner .