Goran Visnjic & Family Take A Stroll

Goran Visnjic from the TV show E.R., his wife Ivana Vrdoljak and their adopted 1-year-old son, Tin Visnjic, take a family stroll before picking up their Eco-friendly Prius at the car wash. Tin is named after Croatian poet Tin Ujevi?. Goran has also acknowledged paternity of a daughter named Lana.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

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  1. Antineah

    I love the pic with the baby walking, and the dog sitting in the stroller 🙂

  2. Jackie

    Has Goran seen his daughter yet? Anybody know? As we are approcaching the 1 year mark when he finally acknowledged his daughter I would hope that by now he would stepped up and be a man about it.

  3. darcy

    people who push they’re dogs in strollers are absolutely ridiculous.. unless the dog is injured and can’t wait, what is that about?! it’s the epitome of stupid.

  4. Melissa

    There is no way I would put my dog in my childs stroller. That’s kind of gross.

  5. Pencils

    I wouldn’t put a dog in my baby’s stroller, but I do understand the strollers made for dogs. My sister had a very well-loved beagle who, towards the end of her life, couldn’t walk very far, but she never would admit it, she would walk until she collapsed. The stroller allowed us to take her to the park where she could come out, walk, sniff things, meet other dogs and people, and then go back in the stroller when she was tired and we didn’t have to carry her. She was fat and old and carrying her wasn’t easy. (She was fat from the steroids she took for her medical issues, including Cushing’s Disease.) The stroller wasn’t cheap, but it gave that dog a lot of pleasure in the last couple of years of her life and it was very worth it to us.

  6. Sanja

    Jackie -no Goran has not seen Lana since she was born. He hasn’t been back in Croatia since the whole scandal broke out and Lana lives here with her mother. Not that Ivana would ever let Mirela and Lana come to America.

    About the stroller and the dog, my dog jumps in the stroller as soon as my son is out of it, he loves it and it’s not like the baby can walk far and isn’t going to need the stroller soon.

    Even though I’ve lost all respect for Goran and Ivana after the whole affair thing, Tin is very cute and I hope they manage to have a bio child one day (Ivana has expressed her desire to be pregnant many times and she allegedly had a miscarriage before they decided to adopt Tin).

  7. Truth

    There’s nothing as ridiculous as people who claim to know what they couldn’t possibly. You people have not a clue what this man has done about the girl, how his wife feels or what she does, or anything like that. Saying you do is pure ego and fantasy on your part.

  8. Jackie

    Thanks Sanja.

    I can’t believe he hasn’t seen his little girl. Why would he ask for visitation rights if he isn’t going to act on it? Was it just a PR stunt. If that’s the case I don’t have any respect for Goran either. It wasn’t his daughter’s fault that he cheated. Goran can give her all the money in the world but he won’t have anything to do with her. He needs to grow up.

  9. Margie

    Truth – Has Goran seen his little girl?

  10. Sanja

    Truth -I beg your pardon, but I DO know what I’m talking about!!

    I personally know Mirela’s and Goran’s parent’s neighbors, since Goran’s home town Sibenik is really small and everyone knows everyone else.
    Not only that, but Goran and Ivana give regular interviews to Croatian newspapers (one magazine in particular, where they have expressed their desire for a biological child and Ivana’s friends and family have said that she had a miscarriage).
    Croatia is hardly a huge country and you can’t hide a thing like a major international star coming here, especially when there’s been a big scandal like in this case.

    Goran has NOT been in Croatia since Lana was born!!
    And her mother is well known here and gives interviews every now and then and they have NOT been to the US.
    So I really can’t see how it would be possible for Goran to see his daughter!?

  11. Josie


    We inivite you to join us over at our board. Please come!


    You will have to register first.

  12. Truth

    In other words, Sanja, you don’t know. You just think you do.

    Muriel, you’re a star!

  13. Sanja

    Truth -what!?

    Are you a personal friend of Goran and Ivana to feel so insulted and hurt on their part?
    Because I really don’t care about either of them (or Mirela for that matter), so I don’t see that there’s any need to attack me and call me ridiculous and what not.
    I was just answering a question someone asked with the information I have, considering that Goran, Ivana and Mirela give interviews in Croatian magazines that I presume most people in the US don’t have access to.

    And, please, tell me how it’s possible for Goran to see Lana if he’s in America and she’s in Croatia (and neither has traveled to see the other)?

  14. Sanja

    Josie -is it a fan board?
    I’m really not a fan of Goran, and this whole thing stared with me answering a simple question Jackie asked. But, I’ll think about it, thanx:-)

  15. Muriel

    Sanja ,

    I just wanted to tell you , ……. it sounds like you know the neighbours that you own the truth .
    But its true , you’re friend neighbour would have noticed if Goran had spent some time in Sibenik .

    The burnmyshadow board is a fan board. The members believe in their fantasy that Maura Tierney is Goran Visnjic ‘s real lover . They give their opinion about Goran and Ivana’s behaviour ( especially about how they handle the paternity suit ) .
    It’s actually a board where people are baching Goran and Ivana to the bone .
    Boards like this should be reported !!!!!


  16. Sanja

    Yes, Muriel, that’s all I meant. People who live in a house next to Goran’s parents would have certainly noticed if Goran had come to Sibenik.
    I really don’t get what all the fuss was about? It’s not a secret that Goran hasn’t seen Lana. Mirela said it in an interview when Lana celebrated her first birthday and Antun Vrdoljak (Ivana’s father) confirmed it when he said that they are flying to the US for Tin’s first birthday and that they haven’t seen Tin since he was a newborn, since Ivana and Goran haven’t been back to Croatia.

    Thanx for the info about the fan board. While I don’t condone how all the grownups have behaved in this situation, I’m really not that interested in Goran and what he’s doing.

  17. Josie

    Muriel belongs to one of the few Goran fan websites around. It’s the one where if they don’t like what you say they simply delete what you have posted and your account. So much for freedom of speech. Some even say Ivana has strong ties to that board since they are so PRO – IVANA. Sickening isn’t it. They relish in invading in their privacy too. Someone recently posted this about what they put on their website: “Following the Visnjics to parks, the post office and now the car wash to snap furtive pictures destined for a blog focused on celebrities’ vulnerable children is not only invasive of their privacy, but downright creepy.” I couldn’t have said it better.

  18. Muriel

    Muriel is glad that everyone has the freedom of speech thanks to all the Goran forums existed .
    I just don’t feel the need to join the conversation on a Forum where they especially bash his wife .
    I belong to a lot of Goran fanboards , because I like to read and analyse all different points of view .
    What’s wrong with that ?????
    One interesting question is ….. how can you be FAN of some actor and be so mean to his wife ?????
    This is so …. low .

    And yes I belong under my real name to one of the most supportive board and I’m proud of it .


  19. Josie

    How can you be apart of a website where they continually invade their private lives. And then splash it all over on other boards?
    I am not the only one who thinks this about your board that you belong to. Here is another quote from someone criticizing your board that your so proud to be apart of.

    “What’s most troubling is no one has given the slightest consideration to the fact that these clearly covertly-photographed images offered for people’s “enjoyment” (ugh!) are a violation of the Visjnics’ right to privacy (not to mention downright creepy.)”

    That poster is right, it’s down right creepy what you guys do on that board.

    So, when you say this: “glad that everyone has the freedom of speech thanks to all the Goran forums existed “. Ugh?

    Defintion of Freedom of Speech: Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak freely without censorship or limitation.

    I’m Afraid you don’t know what the meaning of FREEDOM OF SPEECH is.

    Good Luck with your board that your so proud to be apart of. Adios.

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