Just Another Day At The Beach For Baby Levi

After a morning of surfing, actor Matthew McConaughey strolls along the beach in Malibu with girlfriend Camila Alves, their 1-month-old son Levi Alves McConaughey and some friends. Looks like Matt is double fisted with some kind of juice in one hand and possibly a beer in the other?

Photos: Flynet

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  • Rinoa

    Wow, they both have amazing bodies!

  • Elen

    Do these people ever work?

  • Claudius

    Elen, maybe, we should be happy that MM is not out there making movies. I think the last significant movie that he made was Frailty. At least, this way, he won’t keep polluting the cinemas with his crap and this is coming from someone who avoids his crap.

    It never ceases to amaze me that a guy who spends so much time at the beach always looks like his body has never been in contact with water let alone soap.

    As for the girlfriend, I can’t remember the last catwalk she was on even before she got pregnant with Levi but apparently, she has a fashion line of some sort somewhere.

  • Anon27

    Matthew is rich. I’m sure they’re living off of his fortune. He doesn’t have to work unless he wants to. He has money.

  • Carolina

    Would you guys have preferred they had gone back to work only two weeks after the birth like Mrs Kidman?
    I LOVE the fact they are always together AND with the baby in their arms!

  • Pencils

    Camilla just had a baby. I’m taking three months maternity leave, and wish I could afford to take more. She can afford to take waht she wants. Besides, she is or was a model, it’s going to be a while before she can model again after having a baby, if that’s what she’s still doing. I know she designs bags–for all you know, she is working on them. Matthew is a wealthy movie star and can take off six months if he wants, it’s not a big deal for him.

  • fee

    As far as their careers go – dont go much on him as an actor and never heard of her before hooking up with him….but as parents go I think they’re doing a great job – at least they are hands on, attentive parents and not leaving him with nannies while they go clubbing or have long lunches at the Ivy followed by hours of shopping with not a baby in sight……..

  • Olivia

    i also live close to sea. there is nothing better than long stroll on the beach.
    dont forget both of them are not “normal workers” from 9 to 5. they can spend time on the beach

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