Matthew McConaughey Says No Nanny For Levi!

Matthew McConaughey and fiance Camila Alves welcomed their son Levi into the world a month ago – and although Camila wants an extra hand around the house, Matthew is against it. A source says,

“If Matt could breastfeed the baby himself, he would. The house is getting messier and neither Matt or Camila are getting much sleep. Camila wants to hire someone but Matthew strongly objects – he thinks at least for the first few months he and Camila should be the only ones caring for Levi.”

Matthew recently revealed that he wants his son to be less “selfish” than his old man is:

“Of all the aspects of my character my kid could inherit, I hope it’s not my tendency to be selfish. I can be pretty selfish. That wouldn’t be a good part of my personality to have.”

Source: M&C

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  • Katrina

    Why dont they just hire a maid…? If the house is the real problem, how is a nanny the solution?

  • dea

    Good point Katrina! a neater/cleaner house at least will keep you sane.

  • Pencils

    Supposedly he won’t let her hire a maid either, but somehow I find it hard to believe that they didn’t have a maid previous to the baby being born. Or maybe she wants the maid to come in more often, and he won’t allow that. Considering he’s not theone breastfeeding, he should do the cleaning up himself or hire someone.

  • fee

    Its nice to hear of a celeb wanting to be a true hands on parent and not allowing their kids to be raised by a tribe of nannies and carers….

  • Jasmin

    J.Lo and Marc Anthony don’t have nannies for their twins either.. But I bet they have tens of maids and other sort of personnel around the house..

  • Amanda

    bull I dont believe Jlo doesn’t have atleast one part time nanny for newborn twins,she’s a lair all celebs no matter what have some sorts of nanny,who is going to watch the kdis when the parents are gone and no relatives are around?

  • Moore

    They must only hire a nanny when they’re doing events. When she had her bag promotion thing, they brought the baby and the baby stayed with a nanny. If I can remember correctly he was asked where the baby was and he said the baby was in the back with a nanny and that they were visiting throughout the night.

  • Katrina

    Id never hire a nanny, but Id LOVE to hire a maid.

  • Cahaya

    What’s wrong with hiring a nanny?….it’s the quality and not the qty of time you spend with your kids that matters….
    Here in Indonesia, nearly every household has a live-in servant and a nanny (some even have 2 or 3) …thank goodness for that!!! Makes us able to enjoy life more with the kids and all…..

  • Najala

    I agree with Matt. For the first few months it is recommended that the baby should be taken care of the parents and not nanny. This will strengthen the bonding between the parents and the child.

    Najala Greene
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