Corey Feldman’s Son Won’t Be Seen On His Reality Show

Corey Feldman’s show on the A&E network, The Two Coreys, gets up close and personal about a lot of things in the former child star’s life – everything except Corey’s 4-year-old son Zen. Corey opens up about his desire to keep Zen out of the storyline and out of the limelite.

On keeping Zen out of the storyline of his show: “I never wanted Zen to be a part of the show. Susie and my feelings are that we want to keep him as far away from the entertainment business as possible; certainly until he’s old enough to make those decisions for himself. Our feeling was, obviously we’re mom and dad, and we’ve got to have him there with us. We’re going see him every night when we’re done working so we can have our family unit remain intact, and not change his schedule. The most important thing in a child’s development when you have a mom and dad who are working twelve hours a day, six days a week, is that there’s some consistency in their life and in their schedule. For us that consistency was being able to spend time with him every night when we were done shooting. We had our nanny there, and we had him there, at all times. That’s one of the most common things that’s asked of the first season. “Where was your kid?” He was always five feet away, and in arms reach between takes.”

On keeping Zen away from the paparazzi as much as possible: “For the most part the press has been very respectful about that, as well. There’s been maybe two times that he’s ended up on TMZ. But for the most part he’s been very shielded and very protected, and we’ve been very consistent with that. This season we do the exact same things, except we shot in L.A., and again we had the nanny and Zen on the set at all times. There is one shot at the beginning of the first episode where I talk about my family and they show the back of [Zen’s] head, kind of running off into another room. That’s the only time he’ll make an appearance at all, and you never see his face.”


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  • Anonymous

    i think that is one of the most intelligent thing i have ever heard him say. LOL!

  • nosoupforyou

    How refreshing. Maybe Charlie Sheen’s ex could learn this.

  • Ann

    Wow I didn’t know he had a child. I agree with nosoup that is refreshing…they are a spicey couple.

  • Jen

    wow a celebrity parent with a lick of common sense….very refreshing lol

  • luloo


  • belicoso

    Kudos to Corey Feldman here for actually thinking about the best interest of his child instead of himself. That is very noble and responsible of him to prefer that his young son not be involved in a reality show. This is refreshing to see especially when there are exploiting parents out there like Larry Birkhead who seem to be quite content with selling as much coverage as they can of their child and with Larry specifically having a completely opposite stance on parenting actually having a reality show due to be released in the near future.

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