Pregnant Alison King Told To Start Smoking On Screen

“She isn’t best pleased. It was hard enough for her to give up in real life. And even inhaling smoke from herbal tobacco surely can’t be a good thing for a mum-to-be.”

Source: Mirror

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  • gia

    are you kidding me?? can they do that? she should sue them & screw her job.

  • Amanda

    That is so awful. I hope she doesn’t become addicted to cigarettes again for herself and her baby.

  • dlock

    They can’t be serious??!! Either they don’t know she’s pregnant or they are just crazy. There has to be some kind of law that prohibits this kind of action from a company. I would have to leave my job (after I sue). This is television, they can get some fake cigarettes that won’t harm her or her baby.

  • Rachel

    So is she prioritizing her role on a soap opera over her unborn child’s health?

  • Emma

    You would think that they could use some sort of fake cigarettes, if she has a problem with smoking the herbal ones.

  • Kris

    they are giving her herbal cigarettes? What are they? Are they safe? From all the previous comments, i guess not?

  • laura

    This is absurd! yeh the herbal ones only minimize the damage to the baby, theyr still burning leaves with chemicals in and i didnt realize herbal cigs contain tar aswell! she would definatly be better totally refusing – they cant force her afterall, or swapping like someone said, to a fake cigarette. Im guessing this storyline is when liam dies carla takes up smoking.

  • Emma

    I really wouldn’t believe what you read. This is extemely odd!!!!!
    I haven’t read it or heard about it here ( in the uk YET!!) Lets hope it’s not true!!

  • robb

    Fraid its been confirmed…tut tut at the coronation st producerz!

  • Anonymous

    My director told me the same thing and, as a result, I got addicted to cigarettes at age 28. I now can’t stop and smoke a little over a pack each day. This things are very addictive and if I try to stop I get terrific headaches. The only good thing is the way it feels to satisfy the need to smoke but I don’t look forward to my future lung damage.

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