Ben Affleck Says Matt & Luciana Are “Thrilled”

Long time BFFs, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, are both fathers to adorable daughters. Ben was recently in touch with Matt since the birth of his newest daughter, Gia,

“I’ve kind of been texting him back and forth, and he’s doing great and [wife] Lucy is doing great,” Affleck, 36, said on Wednesday at the Democratic National Convention.

Ben’s mind was not far from his old pal, who is fast becoming the odd man out in his Miami home, to his strictly female brood of wife Luciana and their daughters Gia, newborn, Isabella, 2, and Alexia, 10.

Ben said the all-female household doesn’t bother Matt in the least,

“Anybody who has a child is excited, I think, no matter what the gender is. They are thrilled. The thing that people really want, when you get down to it, is a healthy child.”

Source: People

Photo: Bauer-Griffin

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  1. Janet

    It’s too bad Ben never talks enthusiastically about his own family, sometimes I wonder if Ben even remembers that he has one.

  2. Rosy J

    Janet, I understand that both Ben and Jen try very hard to keep their family and personal lives private. This is especially true where they daughter is concerned. Sometimes the answer to one innocent question can leave them open to a multitude of other more invasive ones. Ben learned from past experience how harmful it can be and Jennifer for her part, has always been a very private person.

  3. Rosy J

    And, by the way, I wonder if by his comments, he is inadvertently giving us a heads-up on the likelihood that they themselves are expecting another baby girl. hmmm?

  4. Erica

    Janet, both Ben and Jen are very private about their family. When she was on Oprah …and Oprah asked her how was Ben and Violet…She was very short and simple she was Violet was amazing (or something along those lines) and that Ben was tall, dark and handsome and that was it…and she was talking to Oprah. So im pretty sure they have made a pact to keep their private lives private. I respect people like that they don’t have to exploit their love or their children. Yes they are famous but their kids didn’t ask for all the public watching everything they do and knowing everything about them.

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