Brad Pitt & George Clooney On Kids & Marriage

Just weeks after of the birth of Knox and Vivienne, Brad Pitt was at a Venice press conference on Wednesday talking about his new bundles of joy,

“The twins are fine.”

Brad and his pal George Clooney are in Italy’s City of Bridges to promote their latest film Burn After Reading, which was premiered Wednesday night at Venice’s annual film festival.

Brad arrived Tuesday with sons Maddox and Pax, while Clooney, who owns a home on Lake Como, said he’s been in Italy “for a couple of months.”

The pair were charming and humourous through the press conference, knocking back personal questions with ease. When asked if he plans to get married and have children, Clooney, 47, had the perfect witty response,

“I am so surprised to hear that question. This honestly is the first time I’ve ever been asked that question. I’m getting married and having children today.”

44-year-old Brad then added his own charming response,

“And until then, I’ll be sharing mine with him.”

Then, when asked if he and Angelina plan to have more children, Brad had another funny reply,

“I’ll have two more by next year.”

Source: People

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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  • Bluezy

    He’s probably not kidding about the two more.

  • gia

    wow, clooney looks old! has he lost weight?

  • Nicole

    It was actually George who said the twins were fine, trying to save Brad from answering a bunch of personal comments. People has it wrong (again).

    Then came a female reporter from a Hong Kong TV channel: “I want to know how the twins are doing – are they looking more and more like you and Angie?” She was, of course, referring to Pitt’s newborn twins with Angelina Jolie.

    Clooney again tried to come to the rescue: “The twins are fine.”

  • Rosy J

    Somehow I feel sorry for George. I wish he had a family of his own. It’s hard to accept that he enjoys the single life ALL the time. I pray that he is truly happy, He seems like such a nice guy. Oh well, I’m just such a hopeless romantic. (sigh)

  • wakeuppeople

    Ladies you should expect that everything that comes out of George Clooney’s mouth is depressing…BORING. You should be quick to realize all along. He doesn’t deserve your love.

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