Tom Brady Relaxes On The Field With His Main Man

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, girlfriend Gisele Bündchen and Tom’s 1-year-old son John Edward Thomas (mom is Bridget Moynahan) hung out on the grass at the Patriot’s stadium two hours after Tom had a training session with the team. An eye witness told photographers,

“Gisele was playing with John and she was giving him bottled water. She was really looking after him. Gisele and Tom were just sitting there talking and laughing. It looked like a nice family afternoon together. At one point Tom put John on his shoulders and danced around. He looked like a terrific father.”

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  • LOL – yeah, Gisele really looks like she’s having a ball there. Could she look more bored and annoyed?

  • Nicole

    Well at least Tom is being a dad to the kid, I guess. Although if Giselle is really was unenthusiastic about having John as she seems in these pics there will probably be issues later on down the line if they’re still together.

  • Marina

    he is being a terrific father because he puts John on his shoulder ? come on this is stupid Gisele look so bored
    I think they take care of the baby because they have to

  • Erica

    I am so glad he is spending time with his son!!!! And they are NOT in California..I knew he was a stand up guy….now everyone wants to pick on Giselle…you people are so sad! I’m so happy for Tom and John cause thats all matter is that JOHN is spending time with his dad who cares who his dad is dating. GO TOM! lol

  • Nicole

    “Who cares who his dad was dating?” So if he was dating a stripper it wouldn’t matter? Who someone is dating ALWAYS affects their kid.

  • Erica

    Nicole,I’m not judgmental and I dont get all in people lives like that and i’m also smart enough to know that I know nothing about Tom , Bridget, Giselle or John’s situation except for the mere speculation. BUT I will say that I highly doubt Bridget would allow John to be around anyone she isn’t comfortable with. She would not let him be in Foxborough possibly without her if she didnt know for a fact he was safe with whomever Tom has him around. Now if his mother is cool with Giselle being around him everyone else should just mind their own business. I know their was probaley some problems with them but now since John is on the east coast with his dad, they must have came to some agreement to do whats best for John which is to spend time with both his parents no matter what. And she doesn’t look annoyed or anything to me..people are reading into things way too much!

  • belicoso

    What’s reassuring is that I am fairly certain that Tom Brady didn’t call the paps ahead of time to photograph this park scene. He’s a responsible parent who would prefer and keep his family life as normal as possible. It is a shame the same can’t be said of more exploitative parents like Matthew McConaughey or Larry Birkhead. In fact the coverage of Matthew and Larry’s kids in the gossip mags probably rivals the extent of Brady coverage on ESPN.

  • Nicole

    belicoso, I’m not saying this to be insulting, but these were taken at Foxboro Stadium, and security there is extremely tight. You can’t just walk into the fields or stands. So I’m pretty sure it WAS set up.

  • susan

    The media is in and out of the stadium all day long. As grainning as those photos are an employee could have takin them. Also if it was a photo op why show Bradys back when he is holding John?

  • np

    I think all three are very cute together. Gisele does not look bored. I’ve seen most of the pics elsewhere. When Bridget gets involved with a guy,he’s gonna be part of the kid’s life. That’s a reality for 50% of divorced people in this country. That’s nothing new. The only difference is it’s celebs so people whine about it more. Everyone nowadays has camera phones & telescopic lenses etc anyone could have shot the pics. They know they can sell it.

  • Janie

    You haters need to get a life. Obviously this was NOT a photo op. Tom Brady could care less about what you or anyone else thinks about him. He is a very private person.

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