Big Brother Kingston Visits The Park

Gavin Rossdale, little “big” brother Kingston, 2, his nanny and Gavin’s stepfather gave Gwen and baby Zuma Nesta Rock some time to rest while they stopped by a park in Hollywood yesterday.

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  1. Nicole

    Cute cute cute! Kingston has definitely lost that ‘baby’ look – he’s a toddler now!

  2. Rachel

    Is the nanny prego or is it just the shirt?

  3. Keira

    Nannies are not celebrities who are required to be thin. Normally people don’t make unkind remarks about the celebrity nannies. Kingston is so adorable.

  4. Sue

    I’m pretty sure the guy with them is Gavin’s stepfather.
    Gavin’s Mum and stepdad spent time with G&G just after Kingston was born so I assume their over again.

  5. DAVE

    Pick, pick, pick what’s wrong with some of you people, so what if the Nanny has a bit of a tummy ??
    Doesn’t mean that every woman without a flat tummy is pregnant.
    Yep that guy is Gavin’s in- law

  6. DAVE

    oops I mean’t to say Stepfather.

  7. Rinoa

    I thought she looked pregnant too. I wouldn’t say that’s picking at someone. Maybe it’s just the shirt and the angle. It sort of looks like the wind is blowing her shirt.

  8. sarah

    kingston is so adorable!!!!!!!! it def. looks like the wind caught their nanny’s shirt!!

  9. Rachel

    I ask if a celebrity nanny is with child ON A CELEBRITY BABY WEBSITE and people get defensive about obesity?! For real?

    Just look at the pictures and make your own comments. Don’t use your own insecurities and body image issues as an excuse to twist other people’s comments.

  10. Cari

    Way to stir the pot there, Keira. And Dave, chill out. It was a legitimate question that Rachel asked.

    And for what it’s worth Rachel, I wondered the same thing about her.

  11. Rachel asked a totally normal question – which I see nothing wrong with. Lets drop it.

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