Olympian Dara Torres Couldn’t Wait To Return Home To Daughter

Mother and Olympian, Dara Torres, won three silver medals in swimming at the Beijing games and has won twelve Olympic medals in total over the years. Of course she was happy to discuss her Olympic accomplishments, but she also couldn’t resist discussing her return home to her 2-year-old daughter, Tessa Grace,

“I’m gonna put my bags down, and I’m going to go to my daughters room. It’s going to be too late, she’s gonna be asleep. But I’m gonna go to the door and peek in and just look at her. That’s the first thing I’m gonna do.” When asked if she’ll wake Tessa, smart mom Dara replied, “I can’t. ‘Cause then I’ll be stuck with her awake all night.”

Apparently Tessa Grace has a few favorite things — swimming with mom, and watching mom swim,

“The minute she knows that I’m gonna be on TV, she, well, the nanny, tells me that she’s glued to the TV, so that makes me feel good,” Dara said.

When asked what she thinks she represents for women over 40, Dara, 41, replied,

“I think the biggest thing is, which I’ve said it in the past, is you just don’t put an age-limit on your dreams, and just follow your heart. And that’s what I’ve done, and I think I’ve proved that — uh, age is just a number.”

Source: Access Hollywood

Photo: Daily Running Tips

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