Introducing Nahla Ariela Aubry

After months of waiting, we finally get to meet Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry’s 5-month-old daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry – and what a beautiful baby she is!

Halle and her mom Judith Hawkins took Nahla to the Los Angeles Zoo today. Not only did they take in the sights and sounds, but they also took Nahla to see a show.

*more pics added

Photos: Flynet/Bauer-Griffin

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  • Nicole

    She is gorgeous!!!! Oh lord those eyes!!

  • CeCe

    Is she cross-eyed?

  • Regina

    I’m sorry to say this but I don’t think that Nahla is cute at all. She reminds me of Adam Sandler’s daughter and yeah she does look cross-eyed like Dannilynne


  • Nicole

    I don’t think she’s cross-eyed – her eyes look normal in all the other pics?

  • dlock

    I think she is cute. But, this may sound bad, but it is one those faces that you have to get used to. Right now, I don’t know who she looks like. But, nonetheless she is still pretty.

    Anyone else notice that in the one picture with Halle getting ready to put the baby in the car, that on the left side of the stroller the tire is flat. All that money for an orbit and the stroller tire is flat.

  • CeCe

    I think she might be cross-eyed. Just Jared has more photo’s and people there have noticed it too.

  • CeCe

    I think she looks like Halle’s mother

  • Isbell

    She is very cute, she’s definetly been blessed with beautiful eyes.
    The last picture is adorable =)

  • she have beautiful eyes! =)
    What a cutie!

  • Isbell

    oh I just notest that isn’t the last pic, the “adorable” pic I mean is nr.6.. And is Halle starting to get grey hair?

    Once again, her daugter is really cute and she has beautiful eyes. =)

  • Rinoa

    I never even noticed that her eyes were crossed. I just noticed how beautiful they were! And her lips are so beautiful too!

  • Ann

    Nahla has stunning eyes.

  • Elly

    She has the most perfect eyes! But her feet are weird…

  • Bee

    Nahla is adorable, her eyes are beautiful 🙂 Congrats Halle!

  • Carolina

    Cross-eyed or not, this baby is destined to be a gorgeous woman. You’ll see in a few years what a goddess she’ll be!

  • tess

    She’s a cute baby girl. and her eyes are beautiful.

  • Sherry

    Some babies her age appear to have “crossed-eyes” but they aren’t really crossed. She will grow out of it. Man….some of you are really critical & harsh.

  • susan

    she is beautiful and her eyes are beautiful she looks like her father and cece and regina you are low lifes to talk bad about a child. children are a blessing from GOD no matter how they look are either of you parents to make such statements or maybe just jealousy anyway she got her beautiful child

  • Katrina

    Shes not crosseyed for cripes sake. Infants often have lax muscles everywhere.. Its quite common to see eyes not exactly symetrical looking in infants.

    I think shes really cute. Her looks are very exotic and she hasnt quite grown into her head yet. My daughter was VERY much like Nahla and wasnt the typical chubby cherub either, so her jaw appeared thinner then her head. She doenst have chubby arms or legs, just like my daughter. When babies have big ole chubby cheeks, theres no emphasis or leanness and the odd headshape most babies have isnt thrown into the spotlight.

  • Lisa

    She’s not crosseyed – she’s looking to the right .

  • AmbienAnnie

    Chola eyebrows!!

  • juicy

    terrible comments. what a gorgeous little girl!

  • Rosy J

    That baby is absolutely gorgeous. Anybody that thinks otherwise is either mean spirited or childish. That’s the bottom line.

  • AmbienAnnie

    just because children are “innocent” and “helpless” does not mean that they are physically superior looking, I am just stating that she is underrated looking considering the hype….much more appealing looking babies

  • What a doll! She’s beautiful! I love that Halle didn’t sell pics to a magazine, I think that’s awesome.

  • Nicole

    I think she’ll look even more gorgeous when her hair grows out a bit!

  • Anonymous

    WOW, this is why some people do not allow people to see their children. She is a beautiful baby, as is Shiloh, Suri, Levi, Sadie and all the babies on here. Of course some may be more appealing to the eye but how would like to read some of the comments if you posted your child pictures on here.

    Nahla is blessing to Halle and she is gorgeous!!!!!!

  • Nicole

    These pics are totally set up, lol. She’s totally carrying her the wrong way, facing out so the paps can get pics. Besides Halle smiling right at the paparazzi, no one takes a 5-month-old to a zoo unless they have an older sibling going, and if Halle wanted to keep the paps from taken pics she would have brought at least a hat or something to partially cover her face.

    I still think she’s gorgeous though.

  • Lily

    As I read through all of the comments, one person said she wasn’t cute, everyone else thinks she is…so I don’t understand those who say there’s bad comments in the thread? Saying she looks crossed-eyed is just an observation.

  • Eva_baby

    Count me in as one who thinks she looks adorable. Her eyes are striking, they look like a gun-metal color.

    As far as carrying the baby face out, I always did that with my kids. It is easier to carry them facing forward. Your torso is actually supporting their neck and backs and it frees up one hand for you when you need it.

    Anyhoo….cute kid.

  • Cords

    I cannot believe all of you who posted comments against this child. She is just that a child, and didn’t your mother ever tell you that if you don’t have anything nice to say…then don’t say anything!

    My gosh, she is a little cutie, and she is not cross eyed…she has a unique look which is all her own and she is beautiful!

    To the person who commented about the stroller having a flat tire…you apparently were dissecting that picture for you to notice something that most did not, get out much???

    I am disgusted by all of you who took the time to insult or find an insult about this child…what has our society become when we all take time out of busy “lives” to post ridiculous comments about someone else’s child! Aren’t children supposed to be a blessing from God and innocent and all that?!?!? So what is with all the disparaging comments about her look?!?! I just don’t get it!

    I think there is a limit and most of you crossed it with your comments!

    Oh and to the person who commented about her feet…

    “She has the most perfect eyes! But her feet are weird…”

    This just shows what I am talking about!!!


  • Cee

    Why are people so critical. This child is gorgeous. I would really like to know what your idea of Beautiful is because she by far surpasses that. Stop being so jeolous and get a life!!

  • Claudius

    She is lovely. She is 5 months old. What were people expecting?

    I wonder if people are “disappointed” because they expected Halle Berry’s kid to take after her. I mentioned this because when news went round that Halle was pregnant, most of what was written was not that Halle should have a healthy baby, it was that her baby would be so gorgeous as if she would be entering a beauty competition age 1 day!

    People who are showing their shock at the comments should probably brace themselves because most tabloids editors are probably thinking the same thing.

  • jay

    i think she’s beautiful, the only thing i that was where are her pupils? it looked like here eyes are one colour whitout the pupil, but god the colour of her eye is gorgeous!

  • dlock

    Cords, I happen to get out a lot. I just happended to come across these pictures while at work. And while going thru these pictures, I just happened to notice the tire was flat. I don’t get how someone noticing something in a picture, is dissecting a picture?? I would have to say someone dissecting peoples comments and going on a rant about it, must not get out much??!! Again, just an observation.

  • Jen

    She is simply gorgeous! Mommy and Daddy are going to have their hands full when she grows up lol they’re going to have to beat all the boys away with a stick!

  • Halle & Gabriel have been blessed with a gorgeous, healthy baby. Let’s keep the comments respectful.

  • Erica

    I think all the negative comments are from jealous women ..who are mad that one Halle looks better than they do…and two Halles’s baby daddy is smokin hot..and their baby daddies are walking around with fat beer belly’s etc. Secondly you have to understand that this baby is bi-racial and for some bi-racial kids its takes a year or two for their features to fully come in. I have no doubt Nahla will be SMOKING hot when she is an adult. I think she is a cutie pie and her eyes are so pretty!!!! I cant wait to see her in a few years with hair and her skin-tone and thsoe eyes…WoWzers! Also she looks like Halles mom to me!

  • dlock

    Erica, my mom is bi-racial. And because all of us are a product of bi-racial parents, all my cousins and I, and even our children, have started off one way and have turned out another. Some of my cousins have grey eyes, while others brown, everyone has different skin color, hair texture, etc. I’ve noticed that all children born to a family of color, take time to grow into themselves. Its just the way it works when one has melanin in them.

  • Duda

    I agree with Lily….Only one person said that she isn’t beautiful….The other comments were just observations….Can’t somebody tell what think about the pictures?

    Nahla is so GORGEOUS, and none of these comments will change it… It’s just the people’s opinion, and we should respect it.

  • dea

    All can say is the parents are going to have a hard time swatting away teenage boys when she is older 🙂 regarding cross-eyed, I dont know from which angle some of you are looking at but at other websites (like celebitchy, etc) her eyes are perfectly fine, she is waving at the camera and laughing!!

  • Rachel

    Halle tanks for letting us see ur beautiful daughter, thts one gorgeous lady in the making!

  • Robyn

    She’s a beautiful little girl! I think her eyes will turn, as that color of grey is more of a transition color than a permanent color. She might end up with hazel or brown (I think her mother’s brown eyes are gorgeous). She favors her daddy for sure, though!

  • Crush

    That baby is just absoloutly gorgeus!
    And i disagree with the lady who said that
    Nahla looked like Adam Sandlers daughter
    cuz any idiot can see that Michael Jackson
    and Akon look more alike than those 2….
    Btw i like her eyes she will grow up to be
    a stunning young lady x]

  • Lala

    Totally adorable little girl. When her hair grows out a little and she grows into her features she is going to blow shiloh out of the water, and thats saying alot cuz shiloh is a total doll. Congratulations to Halle, for the birth of a beautiful and healthy baby, really, thats what every mom prays for, right? I can’t think of a celebrity mom who deserves happiness more than Halle.

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