Brad Pitt & Zahara Give Thumbs Up!

Brad Pitt gave thumbs up to photographers as he and daughter Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt, 3 1/2, arrived at Cannes airport in Cannes, France on Tuesday. It’s been some time since we’ve seen Zahara – she’s really getting big!

Photos: Splash

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  • Nicole

    Aww, baby Z isn’t a baby anymore!! I love that she doesn’t have shoes on, for some reason.

  • Peta

    I love her expression in the first photo. Almost as if she’s thinking “YOU again?!”

  • Antineah

    Zee is so cute, and she looks very intrigued from the paps, i always love her expressions.

  • Erica

    Z is my favorite celebrity baby she seems tired of the paps lol

  • Nicole

    Z has that quality where she’s not a “cute” kid, but you know she’s gorgeous and will be gorgeous when she’s older. She’s got a model quality that you can already see.

  • Dea

    Z is so gorgeous! she looks so “fierce”, very photogenic..

  • Amanda

    Z is going to be really tall!Look at those long legs!she’d be a good track runner in school 😀 or a great model with that height!

  • Nicole

    “Zahara and Brad Pitt were photographed leaving Cannes yesterday with Z wearing the brand new LOVEIS, an organic children’s denim line that hit stores just this month. Harper Lane in Santa Monica, CA sent the jeans to all of the children in the Jolie/ Pitt family earlier this month before they even came out. ”

    From babychic 101

  • Cords

    I think she is so adorable…but what is with her hair?!!? A comb would do wonders, or is it that Angie and Brad do not know how to handle her kind of hair…sometimes her hair looks curly and cute, then other times *like in this picture* her hair looks unkempt!

    Or is it just me?!?

    Zahara’s hair is not straight like her siblings…her hair needs to be done differently and not left open and wild looking.

    If they don’t know how to do her hair, then hire someone who does!!!!

    My goodness!

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