Guy Ritchie Says Wife Will Decide If They’ll Have More Kids

“You’ll have to speak to her about that,” he told reporters. “She makes those decisions.”

He also added that, despite all split rumors, he loves his wife and is very supportive of her career,

“I loved [her Sticky & Sweet world tour], but it’s hard, obviously. There’s a big ocean in the way sometimes, but we try and do our best. I listen to what my wife has to say, he said. “I don’t sniff at her creative opinions. I value them.”

Guy is also dad to David (adopted with Madonna) and stepfather to Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes.

Source : Usmagazine

Photo : Pacific Coast News

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  • Nicole

    I don’t get that comment – so if she decides she wants more kids even if he doesn’t, she gets more kids? That is so odd.

  • Keira

    Maybe he defers to her in the adoption department because she’s older now and it’s more to take on than it might be for him who is quite a bit younger. Some men prefer their wives to make decisions as they don’t feel capable in certain areas.

  • Sanja

    When we got married my husband said that he’ll love all our children (we plan to adopt and have bio kids), and he put the top number at 6. Other than that he said that the number, ”ratio” of adopted and bio, time of pregnancies, etc. was up to me, since I’ll be the one who’s pregnant and on maternity leave (lasts one year here).

  • Kris

    I hope they make it, and the rumors arent true.

  • Alishmail

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