Christina Aguilera: Max Is “Amazing”

New mom to 7-month-old Max, Christina Aguilera, recently told ET about her new fragrance Inspire and the joys of motherhood.

Christina, who was at Macy’s in New York for the launch of her new scent, says the fragrance is much like her upcoming album, “modern” and has a “high-fashion twist.” The scent has elements of fresia, gardenia and tuberose.

When asked about baby Max, Christina proudly stated that he is “amazing” and that she and hubby Jordan Bratman plan to add to their family in the future, but for now she’s focusing on work,

“He [Max] just lights up my whole world every day with his laughs and his smiles,” she gushed.

Source: ET

Photo: Splash, Sept. 1

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  • Dea

    I think she is quite pretty without that slab of make-up on. That actually makes her look tacky. On positive note, baby Max is cute!

  • fee

    Wish she would ease up on the makeup and hair bleaching – it makes her look 20 years older and harsh….. Max looks just like his Daddy!

  • Rinoa

    Yeah, she looks much better, in my opinion, with a toned down look.

  • Keira

    She rarely shows any roots so must be having to get it bleached at least monthly. She likes it so I guess that’s the main thing. Max is a cute little guy.

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