Kingston Finds It Difficult To Cope With Baby Bro Zuma

About a missing bond with Kingston: “I felt guilty for the first few weeks – I didn’t feel fireworks. But I felt something more subtle, earthy, which grew and grew. For nine months, he didn’t really notice his dad, especially with Gwen breast-feeding all the time. Suddenly, at nine months on the dot, he couldn’t be calmed down unless I picked him up. He suddenly wanted me to do everything.”

About Kingston finding it difficult to cope with the new addition to his family: “I feel a bit bad for our son because he really was the centre of attention all the time every day, as he should have been. So he is going to have to move up a little bit and make the space and, to be honest, he is not so good at that just yet. So he’s learning.”

Kingston is now 2 and has had a lot of daddy-and-me time lately while Mom Gwen Stefani stayed at home with baby Zuma to get some well-deserved rest. I can’t wait to see the little one, I wonder if he looks like his cute big bro!

Source : Hello!

Photo : PCN, Sept 1st

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  • Nicole

    I totally love this family, even if I don’t love Zuma’s full name.

  • Erica

    Aww…Kingston! We had the same problem with oldest son when our daughter was born he was three years old and he was the center or everything we when our daughter was born he was LIVID it takes so time…I cant wait to see Zuma!

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