Last Chance To Enter: JULIAN & Co. Birth Jewelry

You can browse the various styles of jewelry for moms, dads, babies & kids and even godmothers on the JULIAN & Co. website. This custom-made jewelry is sure to be the perfect gift for that special someone in your life – or maybe for yourself!

We are giving away $50 Gift Certificates to 4 of our lucky readers! The winners will choose any style of jewelry they desire. Orders take approximately 1 – 2 weeks for delivery. Please note that the photo of the pendant is not it’s actual size and that the pendant is inscribed on both sides. Also exclusive to our readers is a 20% discount from your entire order for the next 30 days (offer ends Sept. 26, 2008). All you need to do is enter code CBSCOOP at checkout.

*HOW TO ENTER* Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published). Please state your favorite JULIAN & Co. jewelry piece and 4 winners will be chosen at random at the end of the contest. One entry per person, per day. This contest ends Wednesday, Sept. 3 at 7 P.M. EST. Entries are welcome from across the globe! Good luck!

Congratulations to our My Princess Closet winners: Maxine, Amber, Corrie & Mysti!

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  1. Ashley

    My favorite is the galleria necklace small. It would be great to have each of my kid’s names put on it!

  2. Laurie Bailey

    Love the Galleria small necklace, its beautiful.

  3. Dani

    Hi. My favorite necklace is the birth necklace, rectangle. I would love that to celebrate the birth of my new son.

  4. Jennifer

    Heart on the wrist as a birthday gift for my niece.

  5. Farrah McDaniel

    I am expecting my second now and would LOVE to have the galleria necklace!!!!

  6. stef

    I’m loving on the “Grande Baby Coin” necklace. Maybe for my hubby so he can remember all the details!

  7. Theresa

    I LOVE Julian & Co. and have checked out their website quite a bit but haven’t bought anything to date…so this contest is great!

    My fav…the Del Mar 9

  8. Taylor

    I love that…those pieces are amazing… 🙂

  9. Beth

    My favorite is the Birth Bracelet all the way!! I have the Nursing necklace and LOVE it – would love an additional piece for my collection, GREAT contest !!!

  10. PAULA


  11. Rhi

    My favorite is the square birth necklace.

  12. Rebecca

    I love the nursing necklace, and I’m sure my son would too!

  13. Kris

    I can’t decide! they are all so great! I’m also expecting, and would love this for our new addition! Very different!

  14. Keri

    I love the galleria small necklace!!!

  15. Helene Lustig

    I just told my husband last night that I wanted one of these for my anniversary….I have two beautiful children.

  16. Shannon

    I would love to have the Julian & Co. Mom necklace to put my two little cherubs info on 🙂

  17. Tara

    I love The Nursing Necklace, but all of the pieces are so sweet.

  18. Amy

    I love all of them but my favorite would be the bracelet with my all my sons on there.

  19. Lindsay

    I love The Birth Necklace Round – Small.
    But I would love to have any of them!

  20. Jessica

    specialized coins necklace – would be fun to have two coins with each of my twin sons on them

  21. lk8

    i love the nursing necklace… what a great idea!

  22. lb

    What I like the best is the bracelet that you can add a little id or childs name to it. It gives you a chance to personalize that very special moment of a persons life of bringing a child into the world. Julian and Co. has some of the most creative pieces out there!

  23. Nathan

    I like the JULIAN & Co. Mom necklace best…Id love to give this to my wife since we are expecting our first baby in 2 weeks!

  24. i love all of the baby bracelts!! they are so cute and perfect for my niece!! Thanks for this great chance!!

  25. Erica

    I love all of their jewlery…I sent my husband the link to them…because I want a few pieces for my birthday and Christmas lol

  26. Melissa A

    I would love to have any of the beautiful pieces!

  27. bethanie

    LOVE the small Galleria necklace – looks like that’s a popular choice! thanks!!

  28. Paola

    The small Galleria necklace is also my favorite ;0)

  29. Devon

    I like the nursing necklace best!

  30. Keri

    small galleria necklace is beautiful

  31. Erin

    I love the Galleria Small necklace….

  32. Shannon

    I love love love the Julian & Co. Mom necklace

  33. bethanie

    I really like the birth bracelet too!

  34. margaret

    I just love the birth necklace square

  35. Lindsay

    Has anyone been able to get the discount code to work? I was trying to place an order… I entered it into the coupon code, but it keeps saying invalid. Any suggestions?

  36. gia

    i really love the look of the Julian & Co. Galleria necklace…the large & small are both fantastic.

  37. Tori

    I love the heart on her wrist bracelet. It is so precious.

  38. the coupon code works now – sorry about that! we forgot to activate it.

  39. antigonie

    ID Bracelet for my 1(soon to be 2)year old nephew.

  40. I love the nursing necklace! I would love one!

  41. Rebecca

    I love the nursing necklace!

  42. mom2two

    I love the small Galleria Necklace!

  43. Elizabeth M.

    I like the square birth necklace. It’s awfully pretty!

  44. Farrah

    PLease please please!! I love these pieces!

  45. Vicki

    My favorite is the birth necklace to have my kids names on. So cool.

  46. Rebecca

    My favorite is the nursing necklace.

  47. Shannon

    I would love the Julian & co. Mom necklace!

  48. Crista

    LOVE the birth necklace – the square one is so unique. And what a great way to show off my little boy and girl – and take them everywhere I go! thanks for the opportunity to get one! Love the site – I visit about every day!

  49. margaret

    would love to win to be able to get any one for these great necklaces for my daughter. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  50. bethanie

    just love your web site – i check it out everyday. you always have such great baby links – thanks! Any of the jewelry on the site is gorgeous – thanks!!

  51. Bluezy

    My favorite is the Julian & Co small coin necklace. SO SWEET!!

  52. bron

    wow! How beautiful are they all! It really is hard to choose a favourite. But what a lovely idea, to be able to carry around a memento of my precious daughter, especially when I’m at work and missing her like crazy! Just beautiful

  53. I love the galleria necklace small w/ a birthstone added!

  54. Emily Polatas

    I have been looking for a sweet, light necklace to wear that brags about my children and I love all the pieces. My favorite it the Mini JULIAN & Co. SOOO Sweet!

  55. Amy Griffin

    I love the Galleria Necklace – Large. I am due with Baby #3 next month. I love your website–as well!!!

  56. Laurie Bailey

    still love the small galleria necklace…so pretty

  57. Gabrielle

    the baby coin cuff links are beautiful and were the perfect gift for my husbands birthday

  58. I love the Galleria Necklace in large.

  59. Kaitlyn

    so cute! I love this jewelry

  60. Crista

    Looked again- birth necklace is still my favorite! I told my hubby that if I don’t win, I better have one of these under the tree at Christmas this year 🙂

  61. bunny

    I love the The Birth Bracelet! Gorgeous! Thanks!

  62. Beth

    My favorite is the Birth Bracelet all the way!! I have the Nursing necklace and LOVE it – would love an additional piece for my collection, GREAT contest !!!

  63. Jen

    I like the mini Julian&Co necklace. Cute. Although I’d have to amend it for our adopted child.

  64. Rebecca

    The nursing necklace is my favorite!

  65. Amber Rose

    I love the Heart on her wrist bracelet. My little princess loves jewelry so much, she wants a bracelet so badly. She takes every pony tail holder out of her hair and puts it on her wrist. she has such thick full hair that it covers her face, and she won’t leave the hair bands in! I have been trying to find her a little bracelet to wear, in hopes she will leave the hair bands alone!
    she isn’t talking very well, and the other day at a yardsale I found a broach, that was a big huge diamond ring. the diamond on top of the ring is as big as a quarter! she found it on the couch as we were sorting out the stuff we got at the yardsale, and comes running to me yelling “MOMMA MOMMA BING BING!!!” I took it out of the package, and she put her fingers (three of them,lol) through the huge ring! it was priceless!
    please enter me in your contest, and thanks for having such wonderful contests, and such an amazing site!

  66. Erin Markert

    I love the DEL MAR 7, it would be a perfect 4th birthday gift for my beautiful niece!

  67. Caroline

    I love the large galleria necklace (middle i think) . Especially since I never got a push present, ha. It would be neat to have something to commemorate those 9 long months:))) All of the pieces are so beautiful.

  68. Kim S.

    I love the tag necklace and the galleria necklace equally!
    I’m a single mommy now so it’s just the two of us. Crossing my fingers!

  69. bethanie

    I just love any of the charms with the tiny hand and feet prints on them – so cute!

  70. Peggy

    oh – they are all so pretty I don’t know which one I’d choose. Thanks for the chance to win a gift certificate!

  71. Kary Delgado

    I love the birth bracelet!

  72. Crista

    Birth necklace hands down! Thanks for all the opporunities to win great “stuff” !!

  73. Lisa

    I like the mini julian and co. Hard to pick just one.

  74. Kim S.

    I love the Galleria necklace! Gorgeous.

  75. Caroline

    Love the coin necklace (mini julian & co.) but they’re all great..
    thanks for running this contest!!

  76. PAULA


  77. I love the Galleria Necklace small!! It is radiant!

  78. Karah

    I love the Julian and Co. necklace in 18k gold!!!

  79. Jessie

    My favourite is the DEL MAR 8 18K. I’d love to have two of them with my kids names on!

  80. Bluezy

    My favorite is the Julian & Co small coin necklace. SO SWEET!!

  81. Addi'sMama419

    Hi~ I love the galleria necklace, its so beautiful!

  82. Courtney

    I love the JULIAN & Co. Large Galleria Necklace…it is exactly the style of necklace that I wear.

  83. Angela

    I love the Galleria necklace!

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