Billie Piper Talks About Her Pregnancy

Acting while pregnant,

“Everyone had to work twice as hard as my body grew bigger almost by the day. I was shot from the waist up at first, then they had to use different body doubles as my boobs got bigger. Then just my face was in shot because my boobs were too big. Right at the end it was my face in profile surrounded by a nest of hair because my face started to fill out as well. Everything was swelling and pulsating. I looked really vulgar!”

Dealing with her body changing after suffering from anorexia,

“I’m surprisingly chilled about my body changing, I think it’s because I can’t do anything about it. I often see myself in the mirror and laugh. It’s nice having boobs. I think when you don’t have them you find ways to make yourself feel better about the lack of cleavage. You convince yourself that it’s OK and that people have to just learn to love them, and that someone will find them vaguely attractive at some point. But that’s bull***t! That’s basically a load of b******s. Then they’re there and you’re like, ‘How am I ever going to live without these?’. That’s my next problem. You love them so much and you really want to get them out a lot and just expose yourself to anyone who wants to see them. I’m really enjoying them, although it’s kind of the most inappropriate time to get your t*ts out. Should you go around showing what you’ve got, or keep it under wraps because you’re about to become a mum? It’s a dilemma — but I just tend to get them out.”

Her ex-husband Chris Evans announcing he is also expecting a baby with new wife Natasha Shishmanian,

“Obviously we’re really, really pleased for them. I suppose the kids will be mates because we still hang out — I’m sure they will be in each other’s lives. We can all freak out en masse.”

Source: The Sun

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  • Rinoa

    Well she certainly is candid!

  • gia

    i like her, but she isnt really so pretty/sexy to be playing the role of a hottie escort.

  • cyberkitten38

    Kinda sad to hear her describe her pregnant body as being *vulgar* Pregnancy is a beautiful thing 🙁

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