Jen & Violet Are Shopping Girls

Source : Bauer Griffin / Pacific Coast News

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  1. Rosy J

    I wonder if Jen was shopping for clothes for a baby boy or baby girl. (:

    It looks like Vi is going to be tall like her parents, her little legs are very long. It’s nice that she’s already potty trained so they won’t have two in diapers. Love these two. They are so cute.

  2. Keira

    I think Violet will be tall. She has lovely long fingers. These two are very photogenic!

  3. gia

    dont her arms get tired carrying violet all the time?? i am not a mum yet, so when i think about it i am not sure i can carry a child that long without my arms giving out!

  4. Lindsay

    Gia- Your arms seem to get stronger as your child gets bigger. I never thought I could carry my child as much as I do… he’s heavy! But you just do it.
    Plus, in Jennifer’s case, she probably does not want to put Violet down with all the papparazzi around. It’s got to be scary for a little one.

  5. mj

    I love how normal she is. her dress is from target!

  6. Rosy J

    Gia, I think she probably carries her from the car to inside the shops and from the shop back to the car. Notice the pics inside she is not carrying her in there. We only see the ones where the paps are present. I’ve seen videos where Violet is walking when they are a safe distance from the photographers and scooped up before they get to close to them. It’s a safety issue I’m sure.

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