Eva Longoria Parker: “I’m Not Pregnant. I’m Just Fat”

Eva Longoria Parker, 33, is denying the newest round of pregnancy rumors, and does in fact admit that she has put on weight for her role on Desperate Housewives as Gabrielle. Longoria’s says,

“I’m not pregnant. I’m just fat. I gained 5lb over the summer so instead of a size zero, I’m a size one.”

by Heidi

Source: SF Gate

Photo: Splash

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  • anonymous

    Gee, that’s what I call fat, going from a size 0 to a size 1! Must be a real hardship!

  • dea

    Oh the horror! how disgusting that she is now a “size 1”! (that’s a sarcasm FYI)

  • Gazelle

    That’s a great reply! She`s really nailed exactly how ridiculous the paps, media and the fan mob can be. Good for her.

  • Isbell

    But if she’s only fat and not pregnant why is only her tummy getting bigger and not her whole body?

  • Lana

    and for that comment i will never watch desperate housewives again. as a recovering anorexic, i find comments like that disgusting. it’s bad enough when a plus size model starts at size 10. now we have idiots like her calling themselves fat. i would kill myself to be a size 1. I almost did.

  • Sam

    I don’t think she means it. She’s making a point that she’s not pregnant. She’s tiny and even a small amount of weight is really noticable. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal to stop watching her show because of it??

  • lk8

    i think her comment is tongue in cheek, not serious. at least that’s how i read it.

  • Anonymous

    If you would have seen the actual interview on the tonight show, she was being very sarcastic.

  • Jade

    5lb?? that’s like 2 kilos 2 kilos doesn’t do that^^^

    and it’s not just her tummy it’s her face as well you can see under chin she got a bit of flab overall i think she looks good with a bit of flab it gives her a cutesy look i dunno

  • hmmm….we have heard this line before from others who claimed they weren’t pregnant!

  • princess

    She does look like she has only “gained” weight in her stomach area though. Perhaps the shirt was just placed oddly.

  • Pika

    Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. She’s fat.

  • Jen

    I happened to catch this on Jay Leno and she was being sarcastic when she said that she was “fat”. She was not being serious in the slightest. I thought that it was actually pretty funny, to be honest. It was a big shout out to the paps that not everyone who gains weight is pregnant.

    Though, she very well could be trying to throw them off :/ I wouldn’t blame her. It is getting a bit silly with everyone trying to confirm all these pregnancies before the parents are ready to announce it. It’s their choice when they want to go public…if ever. The paps need to respect that.

  • Nicole

    The only thing that I don’t like is when celebs go on this whole big thing about “just because I gained weight doesn’t mean I’m pregnant!” and then, of course, they announce that they’re pregnant shortly after. Totally undermines any headway they had managed to make about gaining weight being okay for women.

  • anne

    I’ve been liking her with a bit more weight. That’s not an “on principle” statement, either. I think she’s more attractive: less pinched and sharp, face more relaxed and expressive. Especially like the new shorter hairstyle — the long hair (that generic Hollywood style *yawn*) just overwhelmed her petite li’l face.

  • she is really so fat! not acting lately ?

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