Ellen’s Favorite Baby Name: “Jumbo Shrimp Is Good”

Not only did Ellen DeGeneres and new wife Portia meet up with Gavin Rossdale and his 2-year-old, Kingston, as the two played on the beach on August 31, she also got to spend some time with newborn Zuma, too – and some maternal instincts made themselves known.

“I was holding Zuma this weekend. And all I kept doing was [singing] ‘All I want to do is a Zuma Zuma zoom and shake your rump.”

That’s not to say that Ellen hasn’t thought about kids before, though.

“We’ve thought of names, ironically … Jumbo Shrimp is good,” the talk show host tells Extra.

And, if they don’t end up having biological kids, Ellen wants to adopt – and she’s already got her eye on three candidates.

“I would adopt the Jonas Brothers,” she quipped. “They really are good kids. They appreciate everything still.”

The new season of Ellen debuts Monday with Michelle Obama as her guest.

Source: People.com

Photo: Splash

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