Julia Haworth Talks About Baby Sophia

“I did wonder if I’d be affected by post-natal depression,” she admits. “No one’s immune, but I hoped I’d be OK… luckily I am.”

Welcoming her new daughter,

“I want to be the best mum in the world. She’s the centre of my life now. It was a long labour but she arrived safe and well and that’s the main thing. She was worth it! I’d go through every second again.”

Putting on baby weight,

“I put on weight,” she laughs. “I had a big bump!”

“When people said I was blooming and blossoming, I took it as a compliment. I loved being pregnant and I didn’t mind my body changing. As I got bigger I really celebrated it because it meant the baby was growing and was healthy.

“It was a good sign. I was never tempted to do a Demi Moore-type photo shoot though. That wasn’t for me.”

Going from a couple to a family,

“It felt the right time to start a family. We’d had fabulous holidays and enjoyed being Mr and Mrs and were ready to be parents. She was such a wanted baby.”

Source: Mirror

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  • congrats on your baby girl

  • congrats on your baby girl and was she born on the 6th of sep if so thats very nice same day of my birthdayxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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