Keith Urban Loves Being Mr. Mom

Country star Keith Urban recently spoke with CMT Insider about his role as full-time dad with newborn daughter, Sunday Rose, while wife and actress Nicole Kidman is filming.

“When my wife’s working and I’ve got time off, I’m just Mr. Mom during the day, taking care of the little girl,” said Urban, 40, who also called fatherhood “beautiful.”

Keith also commented on taking Sunday Rose on the road with Nicole while he’s on tour.

“That’s what we’ll do next year. Just balancing touring with being home, it’s good to have them out on the road … so we’re not apart very much.”

To see the full Urban interview, check out CMT INSIDER on Saturday, Sept. 13. The show airs at 1:30p ET/PT.

Source: People

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  1. Holly

    I love Nicole as an actress but have lost all respect for her as a mother.
    It’s true that we don’t know the arrangement between her and Tom or why she’s working so soon after having Sunday (but it certainly isn’t because she needs money), but as a mother she has not done one thing I’d want to emulate as a mother myself.

  2. sadie collins

    that is so cute. i’ll bet keith is the perfect mr. mom .

  3. Cynthia

    First all prayers and blessings for Sunday and her mum and dad.

    And as for the other, no she doesn’t have to workbut did you ever think she might enjoy it. Besides she does have contracts she has to fulfill

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