Rumor: Lindsay Lohan Ready For Baby

Rumor has it Lindsay Lohan is ready to be a mom with girlfriend Samantha Ronson, and they may enlist the services of one of Linsday’s ex boyfriends to be the father. Sources say,

“Lindsay is in a very happy place at the moment. She’s been having deep discussions about a baby. She wants a natural birth and has spoken to Sam about getting one of her ex-boyfriends to help out. They don’t want to adopt.”

Lindsay, who has been in rehab many times, is hoping, according to a source, that having a baby will “help with her recovery.”

Source: News Of The World

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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  • Bluezy

    Oh yeah! Sounds like a fabulously smart idea Lindsay! I can’t think of a better mother and role model. And thinking a baby can help with recovery is about as brilliant as thinking a baby can repair a failing marriage.

    Someone needs to lock this girl up until she grows up.

  • Devon

    I doubt this is even true!

  • Keira

    Just more trumped up celebrity gossip. I don’t believe it.

  • Jen

    I didn’t even think it was confirmed that they were in a relationship, so I highly doubt that this story is true.

  • Peta

    Yea. Sure. Whatever.

  • Julie

    News of the World is not the best source, so I don’t really buy it either. But, if it happens to be true, I think Lindsay would be a great Mom. Just because she’s had a rough couple of months and did stupid things (there’s no denying it!) doesn’t mean she’s not settled down now and is ready to have a kid.

    Nicole Richie was just like her a year (or a bit more) ago, and look at her now, she’s a great Mom to Harlow!

    I wish her all the best with Sam, they look happy together, no matter what kind of relationship they have – and I honestly think they’re right not to put any “label” on it.

  • Nicole

    Considering that there were pics of them kissing over the weekend, the fact that they haven’t confirmed they’re together doesn’t really mean much.

    But I don’t believe it, either.

  • Jen


  • dea

    Look at the source! that’s like reading a statement from Michael Lohan. We better off reading tea in a cup and get a straighter answer 🙂

  • NetGirlJenn

    That would be so very very sad. Yes there are success stories like Nicole Ritchie and Kendra Wilkinson, but Lindsay probably just isn’t ready. Boston DUI lawyers

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