Heidi Klum: We’re Very Hands-On With The Children”

Heidi Klum, 35, and her husband Seal enjoyed a family day with their kids Leni, Henry and Johan at a playground in Beverly Hills over the weekend. In an new interview with Parade, Heidi talks about how they are “very hands-on with the children” and despite having help – they handle most of the parenting responsibilities themselves.

On what a typical day is like: “We have help,” she said. “But we do our own cooking, and we’re very hands-on with the children. We drive them to school every morning. Leni is 4 and in preschool. Henry has to be potty-trained before they take him in pre-K, and Johan’s turn comes next [he’s 2].

On what their backyard looks like: “We have a colorful and beautiful backyard with toys all over the place and a pool full of toys and a tennis court covered with tennis balls,” she continued. “My husband is the good tennis player.”

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Source: Parade

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  • Antineah

    Such a beautiful family, johan looks so much like his mum 🙂

  • Nicole

    I think the problem people have – and it’s one that I have, too – is not that they have nannies. It confuses me that, whenever I see them out, there is a nanny FOR EACH KID.

  • Cahaya

    Nicole, what’s wrong with nannies? They can afford it, right?

    Try living in a country where nearly every household has a live-in servant and for those who can pay for it….2 or 3 nannies per child! That’s happen here and it is actually quite a sad thing when one sees parents who takes hordes of nannies just to handle a child…..

    But having live-in helpers do make you enjoy life more….

  • Nicole

    Cahaya, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with nannies, it just confuses me as to why each child needs their own.

  • KDd

    I LOVE this family. They are are sooo cute!

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