Jen, Ben & Violet Do Lunch

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner take their 2-year-old daughter Violet to a children’s restaurant in Brentwood on Sunday. The A-List couple are currently expecting their second child.

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Photos: Pacific Coast News/Flynet

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  • suzan

    Why the heck is she carying her daughter? why doesnt he do that. I mean, she is preggo

  • Constance

    I’ve never been a big fan of Ben Afleck’s work…always liked Matt Damon much better, but I do think Jennifer Garner is cute…sometimes annoying when she talks, but nonetheless, cute. I’ve just never thought their child was all that adorable…she kind of looks like every other blonde kid walking around holywood. :- \

  • Janie

    Constance, what do you look like and how do you talk? I am sure you are NOT perfect!!

  • Maru

    awwwwwww! Violet is sooooooooo cute!! =)

  • Keira

    They are sick of the paps following them everywhere. Then again they choose to live in Brentwood.

  • Rosy J

    I have never understood why some people are so opposed to this couple’s lifestyle. They are so “unhollywood” and down to earth. Their daughter is so adorable and well adjusted in spite of the business that they are in.

    I love to hear Jennifer talk she has a good sense of humor and is very engaging in interviews.

    Because they choose to live in Brentwood, does that give the paps the right to hound them on their own time? Since when can’t people live where they want to live? Jeez! Find something legitimate to bitch about.

    Nothing wrong with carrying your baby while pregnant, my mom did it with all of us. Did I cver everything?

    In parting I just to want to say, I love this family and wish them good luck with their new addition. Peace . xoxo

  • jill

    sheesh janie take it down a notch! the comment section is so people can leave their comments. just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean they’re not entitled to their opinion. nowhere in the post did i see her imply that she was “perfect”. so sensitive

  • Kasia

    Why does Jen ALWAYS carry Violet? Can the child even walk? Jeeeeez!

  • Isbell

    lol I see there are a few other people here who are annoyed about the same thing as I am, I dont understand why Jennifer hafto carry Violet all the time.

    But on the otherhand.. If she wants to carry her its up to her and not us. Maybe Violet wants her mommy to carry her, maybe she is afraid of the paparazzi? What do we know really..

  • Anonymous

    My guess is that she’s carrying Violet when they’re photographed (ie not all the time, at home, etc) because of all of the photographers/onlookers. We have no idea how many are surrounding them. I know I always picked up my kids when they were that age if we were in a parking lot (where Jen is frequently photographed) just to keep them safe.
    They could use a stroller but my guess is that they prefer a quick getaway without having to stop and fold it up. Besides, Violet might think she’s too big for one and prefer to walk when she’s not surrounded by men with cameras.
    Plus, moms, celebrities or not can’t seem to win- one mom carries her 2 year old and is criticized, Michelle Williams lets her 2 year old walk and is criticized that she didn’t have a steel-enough grip on her. (shrug)

  • dea

    I might add to why jennifer most likely to carry her daughter most of the time: she might be in a “mommy-centric phase” where she wants nobody (even the father) to carry her. My son is almost the same age as Violet’s and boy, even when his dad is around, he wont let me go!

  • dea

    That would be Violet, not jennifer who is mommy centric, just incase some of you are confused 🙂

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