Michelle & Matilda’s Coffee Stop

Michelle Williams was spotted out with her daughter Matilda Rose Ledger, 2 1/2, and her nanny (not pictured) after getting some coffee in Brooklyn, New York Monday morning.

Photo: INFdaily.com

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  1. Antineah

    Matilda is so cute. I really adore this expression on her face, and how she is guarding her package with so much attention.

  2. Attorney

    How hard is it to go out for coffee with one child without a nanny?

  3. Jasmin

    she probably wasn’t out just to get coffee. do you really think that what you read here on this site is the limit to what these people can do all day long? plus, maybe the nanny needed some coffee as well. peh.

  4. dea

    Most probably she has the nanny with her because matilda is known for dashing off to the streets whenever they are out. So just a precaution I guess..

  5. Who knows how their day was scheduled – maybe Matilda was with the nanny and they met up with Michelle or maybe Michelle had a meeting somewhere.

  6. Nicole

    A lot of families who have nannies treat them like family – as in, their relationship is not just professional. If you have a nanny and go out for coffee, it’s actually pretty rude to just go out and leave them at the house.

    Did Matilda get a haircut? She’s so cute.

  7. Caroline

    I LOVE her little hair cut. She has such an expressive little face.
    Michelle seems hands on and not at all spoiled so I doubt her taking the nanny should be a big deal- she could just want an extra pair of hands. She can afford it so what’s the harm? Just think also of the pap interest in them now (esp. after Heath’s passing) so having a little help with her would be needed..:)

  8. Isbell

    I hate that haircut, where did michelle get her insperation from? The Beatles?

    Anywhoooo.. I love Matilda she is one of the cutest kids ive ever seen, she seems so freespirited.

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