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It has been eight months since the death of Heath Ledger, and for Michelle Williams, 28 today, being a single parent to daughter Matilda Rose, 2 ½ , and being an actor, has proven to be a challenge.

Michelle spoke with the NY Times in her first interview since Heath’s death about acting and daughter Matilda,

“I’m going to take a year off. I think I stopped feeling creative a while ago, and I’m just realizing it now. I used to have all the time in the world to daydream and even just to dream and let your unconscious do some of the work for you. Now I’m up at 5 in the morning, and I don’t remember what I dreamed about.”

When speaking of her choice of future roles, Michelle said,

“When I work again maybe it should be a comedy. I’ve always had a tendency for darker, more lifelike material. I think I had this sense that important things are heavy things. I don’t know if that’s true any more.”

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Michelle spoke of the shift her life has taken as a celebrity, living in New York, a city she has always loved,

“I feel like that’s been taken away from me. I’m worried what people are saying or thinking, or if they’re going to follow me, or if someone is going to pop out of a bush with a camera. I’ve started to shut down, but I also know I can’t let it dictate my life.”

About recent media speculation that she is now dating director Spike Jonze, Michelle says,

“It feels so surreal. How is this my life? When did it get so out of control?”

Michelle is looking forward to her year off, and hopes to learn a new craft, “I want to humble myself in front of a task like embroidery. I like how physical work can really free your mind.” Michelle took a calligraphy class last year and says, “I was prouder of my little foldout book than of some movies that I’ve made,” she said.

Michelle has two films being released this fall, Synecdoche, New York, and Wendy & Lucy. Little Matilda Rose will be three years old in October.

Source: The New York Times

Photo: Dan Estabrook

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