Brendan Fehr On Inspiration For Daughter James’ Name

When Brendan Fehr and his wife, Jennifer, welcomed their daughter on March 26, Brendan kept with the latest celebrity trend of giving one’s child a rather odd name – he named the baby girl James.

When asked about the name choice, Brendan explained,

It was inspired by my favorite musician, James Hetfield of Metallica.

Source: People print edition September 8 via Celebitchy

Photo: Bauer-Griffin

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  • Jessica

    I don’t think James is a strange name for a girl. What about the super model James King. I know she was born Jaime but James stuck and I think it totally suits her.

  • Isbell

    I think its a bit strange, I mean he could have give his daughter that has her middle name OR he could wait untill he got a son? either way I think she should have gotten a bit more girly namne.

  • Jenna

    Giving your daughter a man’s name, let alone the name of a member of Metallica’s name, sounds a little selfish and vain to me.

    I’m surprised his wife went along with it.

  • hans

    9 months from now he will call his first son Princess.

  • Erica

    Its not that big of a deal…my sister gave all three of her girls typical boy names.. Ryan is 16, Derek is 13 and James is 10 and all healthy , happy and beautiful girls who actually like their names…so i think its cool especially since my 3 nieces have “boy”names lol

  • Anonymous

    ok… seriously this makes me laugh b/c i went to highschool with brendan! it’s so weird to see pics of him online like this. anyhow… i do love the name james for a girl but i do find it strange that he named her after metallica?! a sweet baby girl… metallica?! do they naturally go together? i think not!

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