Thandie Newton Loves Giving Birth

Thandie Newton has two daughters – Ripley, 7, and Nico, 3 – and says that delivering them was such an amazing experience she wouldn’t mind doing it once a year.

“Birth is very challenging in the best way possible. Every fiber of your bring in alive. It’s like you are conducting electricity, literally creating something. I’d like to give birth every year if I would, just for the experience.”

Revealing that during her pregnancy she became “wild and fierce,” she believes that being pregnant helped her discover herself.

“People talk about pregnant women as if they’ve gone a bit mad. You know, ‘She’s a bit hormonal.’ But I felt as though I’d been introduced to myself for the first time. You become totally uncompromising, wild and fierce.”


Photo: Baur-Griffin

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Finally, a celeb putting a positive spin on the birthing experience! Way to go Thandie!!!


Wow! I love the whole experience/emotional part of seeing my child for the first time and all that, but once a year?! only the Duggars can do that..


i completely agree! i LOVED giving birth too! i would love to do it once a year too (without really having a million kids though). ha ha! i guess that’s why i’m a doula b/c i get to have the experience often enough. but something about doing it for yourself is so amazing! so empowering… it truly is something special and very miraculous!