Jessica & Honor Go Condo Hunting

Source : Flynet

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  • emily

    wow, these comments are rude. its an innocent baby.

  • Moore

    I actually think she’s adorable but then again I’m one of those who doesn’t find Suri or Violet Afleck cute most of the time.

  • dlock

    cecilia, well said, not rude, just honest, and over-rated.

  • Lala

    I think she’s a doll. Totally adorable. But I agree that most celebrity babies are overrated.

  • hannah

    That poor baby! Look at that unfortunate clip in her hair! And why is Jessica holding her like a bag of apples?

  • Carolina

    Hannah, i was going to say that! She is carrying the baby in a weird way!!

  • Erica

    I have to say…I don’t think Jessica and Cash are all that attractive! I have never understood the hype over Alba and get this…I don’t think she can act either lol…I’m not hating on her but i never understood all the hype over her so it doesn’t surprise me that her baby fell short also lol…

  • juicy

    i think she’s starting to look a lot more like jessica.

  • fee

    I cant believe how people attack babies/children of celebs – these are innocent children (whether the parent release pics to the media or not) and I dont think they should be under the same scrutiny as their famous parents. Imagine how awful it would be to have to world picking on your pride & joy!

  • emily

    this is really disappointing. who are the moderators allowing this nastiness? i wont be back.

  • You are right Emily (and everyone else)! This is terrible and we aren’t ‘that kind of site.’ Apologies to everyone for not catching these discriminating and rude comments earlier. We assure you we don’t agree with these kinds of comments and we won’t stand for them. We’ll be sure to watch and moderate our comments closer in the future.

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