Billie Piper Makes Herself Laugh

Former pop star and Doctor Who actress Billy Piper tells Radio 1’s Jo Whiley that she’s been “dancing around in the buff” to Janet Jackson while she’s pregnant.

‘I’m re-visiting early Janet Jackson,’ she says. ‘And I attempt the dance routines naked, just to make myself laugh.’

That doesn’t mean her pregnancy has been easy, and it seems her husband, Lawrence Fox, is the one who most often suffers her frustration,

‘Lawrence is being really good, I’m being foul,’ she says. ‘He seems to be quite breezy about the whole thing which is nice because otherwise that would send me in to some kind of hysteria.’

Being pregnant also made filming intimate scenes for The Secret Diary Of A Call Girl a bit difficult too,

‘The smell of people repulses you,’ she says. ‘It must have been hard for the actors. I was sat in a corner grinding my teeth looking really vile I imagine — eating and just sweating.’

Billie has been very honest about her pregnancy has made her feel, saying that she “was eating like a horse” and felt like a sweating sea cow.” The baby, the first child for the couple, is due this October.

Source:Now Magazine

Photo: Daily Mail, August 28

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  • gia

    there has to be a better pregnant photo of her out there!

  • Nicole

    Gia, there actually isn’t! I guess she must not get photographed much, sorry. 🙁

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