Hugh Laurie Finally Moves His Family To LA

When Hugh Laurie started filming House four years ago, he left his family behind him in England because his kids were well-established there and he wasn’t certain the show was going to do well enough to justify uprooting them.

However, the actor has finally decided to move his family – which consists of his wife of 19 years, Jo, sons Charlie, 19, and Bill, 17, and daughter Rebecca, 14 – stateside so they no longer have to endure a nine-month separation while he films. This year was especially tough as Hugh did not get his usual 2-month break thanks to the writer’s strike. Charlie has also decided to attend Columbia University in New York.

Hugh has bought a $3.5 mil house in Hollywood, and has also signed on for at least four more years as House, meaning the series will run until at least 2012. Included in the contract is a steep pay raise – he was previously making $250,000 to $300,000 dollars, and is now set to get about $400,000 per episode. The new season premieres September 16th on Fox.

Source:Reuters; Dailymail

Photo: Pacific Coast News, August 19

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  • Nicole

    I love House – and Hugh Laurie is so funny! I remember watching a bunch of his interviews on Youtube and just dying laughing. He also mentioned that he didn’t move his kids because their lives were there, and his oldest kid was in a band, and it really seemed like he didn’t want to uproot them unless he didn’t have any other choice.

  • Sara

    I’m SO happy for him! Seems such a great father and husband. Just love him.

  • Claudius

    I hope he is a lot happier now that he has his family with him. It is always nice to have the family close and have them share success.


    Keep your kids far from Hollyweird ..

  • Kate

    Is it just my computer being weird or is the picture attached to this article that Cheryl Cole lady… not Hugh Laurie?

  • Nicole

    Kate, that was my fault, it wasn’t your computer! Sorry about that.

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