Jade’s Cancer Worse Than Expected

Jade will now have to undergo an intense nine-week course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy to eradicate any remaining cancer cells and is still under sedation at London’s Royal Marsden Hospital’s intensive care ward.

Jade declared before the operation,

“I will fight the damn thing every step of the way. At the end of the day I am going to bloody beat this thing because I’ve got two amazing kids to live for. And there’s no way I’m gonna let them down.”

We wish her a speedy and full recovery!

Source : Daily Mail

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  1. Nicole

    That must be so devastating! I don’t exactly know who she is, but my heart goes out to her. Good luck.

  2. Julie

    This is just beyond sad. My best wishes go out to her

  3. Michelle

    My heart goes out to her. I hope somehow she is able to get past the odds and believe in herself and medicine. Cancer is a nasty, nasty disease! My prayers are with her!

  4. Pencils

    That’s terribly sad. I wish her the best.

    And I wish more girls and women would get the vaccine–this disease could be eradicated.

  5. Antineah

    This is sad, but her children’s love will give her the force to overcome the disease.

  6. Rinoa

    Aww, she is definitely in my thoughts. I hope she can make a full recovery.

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