Richard Gere & Diane Lane On Love & Children

Richard Gere and Diane Lane are starring opposite each other in the new romantic drama (a.k.a. “chick flick”), Nights in Rodanthe, opening September 26. The two stars recently sat down with Parade and revealed what it’s like to find love the second time around, and the joy of raising children.

Richard, 59, said that he was “shy and insecure” when he was married to supermodel Cindy Crawford. He says he’s found true love and happiness with his wife, Carey Lowell, and their 8-year-old son, Homer,

“Happiness is not about being loved, it’s about loving someone else.” He went on to say, “I think with Carey I realized that, wow, I can actually have a child with this great woman and not be afraid of doing it,” he says. “This wonderful child is now in our lives. I’m nuts about my son! He fills me with joy. You have to make time for a child, but it’s enormously satisfying.” Gere shakes his head at the wonder of it all, smiling. “That’s love, too.”

Diane Lane, 43, went on to comment on her marriage to Josh Brolin,

“A marriage is a miracle every day. I can’t tell you what the secret is. But there’s nothing more challenging in life than an intimate, one-on-one relationship where there is such complete exposure to each other. There’s nothing riskier.” Lane’s first marriage to Christopher Lambert lasted 4 years, “I wanted somebody to belong to and somebody to belong to me,” she says. “But intoxication with someone is a very dangerous territory to be in. The idea of losing your identity to someone else should have been a red flag for me. I was really in love with Christopher, but I was trusting in something that I hadn’t tested at all.”

Lane and Lambert divorced in 1994, one year after the birth of their daughter, Eleanor. Lane remarried in 2004, to actor Josh Brolin, 40. Together they’re parenting three children,

“You’ve got to have emotional largesse, especially in a blended family, and Josh does,” Lane says. “It means putting your ego aside.”

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