Is 4-Year-Old Bob Irwin Set To Host His Own Show?

Is the Crocodile Hunter’s 4-year-old son looking to get his own wildlife TV show? In a segment of Australian’s 60 Minutes this week, Bob Irwin was seen wrestling a (little) crocodile, cradling reptiles and filming a potential TV pilot. Crikey!

Steve Irwin’s widow, Terri, says Bob is just like his late father,

“He’s a little Steve clone.”

Bob refuses help from his big sister Bindi, 10, who already has her own wildlife show on the Discovery Kids channel,

“I’m mister independence,” Bob says, refusing help from his celebrity big sister.

Terri Irwin says Bob and Bindi have normal childhoods and she doesn’t believe it’s unusual that the family watches a Steve Irwin DVD each morning,

“It’s comforting and familiar. It’s nice while we’re having breakfast to hear Steve’s voice in the background. It’s special.”

Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray in an accident two years ago while filming his own wildlife show.

Source: NY Post

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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  • it’s not strange, its a lovely coping mechanism. i wish i had dvd’s with my mom on them.

  • Sherry

    Good looking, sweet little family. Steve would be very proud of Terri for carrying on for them despite her own grief. I wish them all the best.

  • Lala

    “I’m mister independance”? what 4 year old talks like that. And what 4 year old has his own show. I am all for him living his dream and wanting to be like his dad. But I wonder how much of this is his dream, or his mom’s or someone else looking to profit. The same with his sister, Bindi. Why can’t kids be kids anymore. When did they become little money-makers. Just my opinion. When I was 4 or 10 my idyllic existence was playing with kids my age and building forts and playhouses, not filiming 8 hours a day.

  • Isbell

    WOW! have it been 2 years already?!?!

    Honestly I think she is using the kids a little, sorry but thats the feeling I get here. They are waay to young to be playing with life, wich is what they are doing when they are wrestling with crocodiles.

  • Abby

    Maybe its time for the mom to get a job. Instead of depending on her kids.

  • Audrey

    He actually said “i’m mister independence”???

  • Amanda

    uhh Abby “the mom” as you refer to Terri as does have a job genius!She’s runs the zoo she and Steve own!!Think about it before you go saying she needs to get a job,she runs an entire zoo!

  • Abby

    oh well sorry! I still think she is only using her kids for publicity and money.

  • Katrina

    That’s not true. If youve EVER seen an interview with Bindi she is amazengly well spoken and intelligient. She is very outgoing and wants to do it herself. After hearing some of the things his older sister has said, it doesnt surprise me that bob is much like her. Both mother and father are extremely outgoing and active, what makes you think their children wouldnt share the same interests?

  • Nicole

    I used to watch Steve on TV all the time, and trust me, these kids are not just being used. They learned from their father to be very independent, to care very much about animals, and even when she was very young Bindi was already starting to form the idea that she wanted to do exactly what her father did. It doesn’t surprise me at all that Bob is turning out exactly like him.

    And 4-year-olds repeat what anyone says about them, so if Bob goes around hearing people say he’s “Mr. Independence” you bet he’s gonna repeat it.

  • Lora

    I agree with Nicole. Children do repeat what they hear. And there is nothing wrong with these children continuing a family tradition and career just like any of us would do if our parents owned some sort of company or zoo or what have you. It’s a learned trade and if they like it, then let them do it. I say “Good Job Terri!” I lost my mate as well almost 3 years ago and I still continue to do things in his honor. It’s only natural.

  • Jen

    My first reaction to hearing of the kids watching his DVDs everyday was, “wow, that’s a little odd.”

    But after giving it some thought, those kids are probably very well-adjusted because they have access to all those wonderful living memories. In America, we tend to sweep grief under the carpet and get back on the horse as soon as possible. That’s not healthy, and that type of attitude has helped therapists get mighty rich. From everything I’ve read about this family, they faced their grief head-on and have moved on with life in a healthy, united way. Their loss was absolutely devastating (although not unexpected considering his line of work), so if the kids want to see their Dad on a tv screen every morning, who are any of us to say they shouldn’t? And let’s face it, Bob would not have any memory of his dad unless he watched those videos.

  • Lala

    I just think kids should be kids. Why have a camera in your face and a full work schedule at 4 and 10? Why not wait until they are older. I just hope they don’t feel like they missed out on being young and carefree while they can be.

  • belicoso

    This is just more irresponsible celebrity parenting. I guess she wants to make a dash for more cash while people still remember who her husband was. But seriously, parading out a 4 year old for a television show….absolutely revolting. I cannot imagine how parents can exploit their children for ANY amount of money. But the list of famous child exploitation artists gets longer by the day: Larry Birkhead, Matthew McConaughey, Lynne Spears, Jamie Lynne Spears (a second generation exploiter), Dina Lohan etc. all making a sinister living off of their own children. Something is terribly wrong with this trend.

  • Hay that is so cute Il ov Bindi bob is nice too well any way hi

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