Kate Winslet Gives Joe A Lift

Kate Winslet gave Joe Alfie, 4 1/2, a lift on the way home from school yesterday in NYC. Later that day she’s pictured walking daughter Mia Honey, 7 1/2, home.

Joe’s dad is Kate’s husband, director Sam Mendes – best known for his debut film, American Beauty. Mendes directs Kate’s latest movie Revolutionary Road co-staring her good friend Leonardo DiCaprio, based on Richard Yates’ 1961 novel. It is slated for release in December, just in time for Oscar consideration. Mia’s dad is first husband Jim Threapleton.

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  1. Isbell

    Bad mood 😛 ? … I understand him, Urrrgh those paparazzi!

  2. Nicole

    I always forget she has kids! Cute though. She’s got one strong back@

  3. kate&millafan

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Kate is my number one favorite actress and it is always wonderful to see new pictures of her!! Keep them coming! I love your site, great work!

  4. gia

    she looks so pretty here, all natural & mummy-like.

  5. Jasmin

    She is a very natural beauty.. doesn’t need make up at all.

  6. hannah

    ah I love, love, love Kate! She’s insanely talented and incredibly gorgeous. Beautiful kids too! I can’t believe Mia is already 7 1/2, I remember when she was pregnant with her.

  7. Katrina

    aww theyre cute! I loved when Ellen called her and Joe asked if it was dory calling.. so cute.

    I love that backpack!

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