Is Maddox Jolie-Pitt Being Homeschooled?

For kids in the US, school has been in session for at least a month – and, supposedly, it’s in session for Maddox Jolie-Pitt as well, even though he’s currently living in France!

Maddox, who at 7 would be a second-grader, now spends time with a tutor every day at Chateau Miraval, where the family have been staying since late May.

“There has recently been a tutor visiting the house,” an insider who lives in Correns, France, the village located near the chateau, says.

Not only is he supposedly being home schooled, he is also venturing out without mom and dad, the source says,

“He tags along with an assistant to help with shopping.”

In May 2007, Maddox was enrolled in Lycée Français, an international school with over 400 schools worldwide. The school’s primary language is French, which Angelina says Maddox “speaks better than any of us.” Maddox has attended branches located in both Prague and New York City. It’s unknown if he is still enrolled.

Source: National Ledger; People print edition, August 18

Photo: Flynet 8/25

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  1. Lala

    i was homeschooled. I would never homeschool my kids. I think i missed out on a lot of important stuff. like sports, socializing with kids my own age, having the whole school experience.

  2. Rinoa

    I’ve thought about home-schooling my children if I have any. At least where I live, there are organizations where home-schooled children can get together and be socialized. If one does decide to home school then there still needs to be some form of socialization.

  3. Katrina

    The majority of homeschooled children are involved in FAR MORE activities then ones attending high school. My friend homeschools her children and is ALWAYS doing something from band to church, to surf camp, its ridiculous how much these people are doing. She consults her palm pilot before answering questions about specific dates! The entire homeschool community there is just the same

  4. Katrina

    i meant public school.. not high school.. not sure where the high part came from lol

  5. I think kids learn more homeschooled because the whole focus is on that one child or two and the tutor is not constantly stopping tell everyone else what to, you’ll learn much faster. The only bad part is not socializing with other kids your age

  6. Cindy

    I homeschool my children and we actually laugh about the socialization question. It is the one thing everyone seems to get so hyped up about. My children are very outgoing and do well in social situations. Our oldest child has even taken on some leadership positions and has no problem speaking in public (which is soooo different from her dad and I who HATE speaking in front of large groups). My younger children do not have quite as many opportunities to be around kids their own age as my older ones do, but I’ve found that isn’t as necessary as I once thought. My older ones seem to be on the go all the time. With sports, church activities, dance, etc…..we can’t fit in all the things they want to do. We have a large family, so there is always someone to play with! Also…where in life are we put in a group of peers that are all the same age? Most homeschool children learn to interact with a wide variety of ages instead of the contrived peer groups. We get many compliments on how well-behaved our children are and I believe a lot of that has to do with the fact that they are getting consistant discipline from their parents. They are spending more time with us instead of being sent off to someone else to raise, so we have more authority with them.

    I was a public school teacher and it makes me laugh sometimes to think that people think I shouldn’t be teaching my own children but it was okay to send other children for me to teach all day!

  7. Cindy, thank you for that insight. I have had no exposure at all to homeschooling, so any little bit of info is great.

  8. lakeesha

    Why do you need a tudor for a 7 year old? I homeschool both of my children. At around 10 years old we hired a math and french tudor.
    They also take piano,dance,art and horse riding lessons.

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