Liev Schreiber Talks About Sasha

Liev Schreiber is in this month’s W magazine, and the actor talked a bit about his 13-month-old son with Naomi Watts, Alexander, whom they call Sasha. (Sasha is the Ukrainian nickname for Alexander.) The day of the interview, Liev was a little out of it because Sasha was up all night,

“Oh, my God, he didn’t sleep at all,” he says. “He’s really sick—I think he has a cold.”

Of course, Liev feels that, since he had his child, he tends to overreact a bit whenever something is wrong,

“I’ve never worried so much as I have since I had him,” he says of his son. “I was always kind of a worrier, but now I really worry a lot. Like, he’s been having trouble sleeping, and it turns out that he’s got that cold, you know? But I’m running in my head things like, He’s crying because he’s frustrated because I’m a bad father!” He pauses, a slightly zombielike expression on his face. “And then, I’m thinking, Oh, my God, he’s got all these deep issues already!”

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Even though Liev himself “gets panic attacks in big crowds,” he and his wife still threw a huge party for Sasha’s first birthday.

“Well, Naomi threw it. She loves a big party,” he clarifies. “I’m terrible with big parties. It was like a land mine, I mean, a minefield, of children. There were little babies everywhere and adults—people I didn’t know. I was horrified. Terrified.”

The family also had a smaller celebration in Virgina, where Liev’s mom lives. That party wasn’t completely worry-free, though, and when Sasha got hands-on with his cake, squishing it with his hands, Liev says he sort of “freaked out.”

“Naomi was like, ‘That’s what’s supposed to happen.’ But I’m like, ‘This beautiful cake my mother bought! Don’t do that!’ Yeah, I got really uptight—I’m such a putz.”

Naomi and Liev are expecting their second child this winter.

Source: W Magazine

Photo: Pacific Coast News, 6/22

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  1. dea

    Aw, at least now i know my hubby is not alone (being a worrier dad). Naomi is definitely in control except that my hubby isnt as intense as Liev is 🙂

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