Marcia Cross & Hubby Consider Adoption

Marcia Cross is proud mom to twin daughters Eden and Savannah, 19 months, with hubby Tom Mahoney. The couple is planning to expand their family,

“I would always adopt,” Marcia, 46, recently said. “I feel like time is the issue for me.”

Active mom Marcia is clearly enamored with her little ones,

“They’re putting words together, and sentences. They’re so cute, fun and funny. They’re the best thing ever.”

We agree Marcia, they are quite adorable! 😉

Source: OK

Photo: Flynet, September 8

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  1. This isn’t directed at Marcia specifically, but I really wish they would stop asking people about adoption, because it’s almost a cliche now when someone answers – “yes we’re going to adopt,” but it never happens.

  2. Tazina

    That doesn’t exactly mean she is going to. It’s just that it’s an option. It seems she has plenty on her plate right now just as she says.

  3. Rougelatete

    Time? How about the time it takes to get impregnated, go for ultrasounds, prenatal testing, birth (natural or c-section) and then recover? And, that’s without any time you would need to devote if you had fertility troubles. That’s the same amount of time it would take to adopt, if you add it all up. Ridiculous. If you want to adopt, then adopt. But, don’t just talk about it as if you are philanthropic in theory…..

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