Zoe Ball: “We’re Ready For Another Baby”

“We’re both ready to have another baby – I’d like a few more. Hopefully the weather will be chilled so it will be big jumpers and log fires – let’s see what happens!”

Her 8-yr-old only being around adults,

“Sometimes I feel for him being with adults a lot. We’ve always wanted another baby, but nothing’s happened.

“We’ve talked about adoption. But we’ve made a really good kid together once, so let’s hope we can do it again,”

Adjusting to motherhood,

“Reality hit me hard when we started a family. Then it was: Do I work or not work? I was confused. I didn’t take to pregnancy and motherhood like a duck to water. But it wasn’t post-natal depression because I’ve had friends that have suffered from it dreadfully.

“Motherhood just wasn’t easy for me and I don’t think I was great in his early years, but I adore Woody. He’s so cool, funny and grounded.”

Woody getting older,

“He’s huge – up to my boobs already – with cute surfer hair which I did a disastrous ‘mum cut’ on the other day. He’s going to be a heartbreaker.”

Photo: Bauer Griffin

Source: Mirror

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