Billie Piper: “Im Craving A Cigarette”

‘I gave up smoking straight away and it was fine,’ she says. ‘But now I’m craving a cigarette sooo badly.

‘I keep on looking at [the bump] and thinking “Okay, you’re formed!’’

How her family aren’t helping,

‘I speak to most of my family and they say, “Oh, we smoked through all our pregnancies”,’ she says.

‘And I have to say, “But you can’t do it now”.’

Source: NOW!

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  • Suz

    Billie is really lovely.
    However, by his own admission her husband smokes like a chimney. So, if he has not quit the baby is still being subjected to detrimental cigarette smoke.

    • Anonymous

      True, so she shouldn’t feel so bad if she has a cig every once in awhile considering she’s already breathing it in anyhow. Not to mention all the pollution in the air, and in our food… gasp, how do we survive?!

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