Nicole Kidman Opens Up

Nicole Kidman, who was spotted out in London giving 3-month-old daughter Sunday a kiss yesterday, opened up the The Sun about life with her baby and her husband.

On having a child: “To be given the blessing of a child at this stage of my life was wonderful.

On Sunday Rose’s name and who she looks like: “My parents suggested the name Sunday. Her middle name is a tribute to Keith’s late grandmother. She looks like Keith. Her hair has a bit of a reddish tinge.”

Click below to read about Nicole’s pregnancy, her husband, and about son Connor’s first paycheck.

On the early stages of her pregnancy: “I had horrendous morning sickness, and there were 14 or 15-hour days on the set. But I had to finish the film.”

On being away from husband Keith Urban: “We are never apart for more than two weeks, and even that’s too long. We start to hurt after seven days. I’ve never wanted to live my life apart from the person I love. If you’re going to be with someone, you’re with them, you’re committed to them. I’m not sort of flitting around. If I fall, I fall — that’s it. We gently fell into each other. We were two lonely people who went, ‘Ah, there you are’.”

On how her son, Connor, earned money working on the set of her new movie, Australia: “He loved it. There were a lot of horses and he worked with them and the wranglers. He got a pay cheque — his first — from his mother.”

Australia, starring Nicole and fellow Aussie Hugh Jackman, is due out November 26.

Source: The Sun

Photo: Bauer/Flynet, September 14

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  • Tazina

    The tabs are always saying she’s alienated from her older children, obvioiusly all lies. We really only do nothing but speculate what goes on in their lives and most of the time it’s not true. Sounds like a great summer job for Connor!

  • Pencils

    I think the difference is that she likes to keep her private life away from the media, while it’s important for Tom Cruise to be seen as normal family man, not some cultist. So you see him with Suri all the time, and him with the older kids sometimes (because they’re not as small and cute as Suri), but Nicole keeps her kids out of the spotlight. It’s got to be difficult with the baby because everyone wants to see her, but easier with her older kids.

  • Cat

    She didn’t open up to the Sun. All they did was take quotes from past interviews, some over a year old, and put them out as a new interview. These quotes weren’t even made to the Sun, so they are stealing them.

    That summer job of Connor’s was for 1 week back in May of 2007. She makes it easy to speculate about her relationship with her kids considering you never see evidence of them spending any time with her. The last time they were even photographed together was well over a year ago. Since April of ’07 she’s only spent about 3 1/2 months in the US. She went back in Sydney a month after having Sunday Rose & then headed for London. All the while Connor & Bella are in the US. That doesn’t exactly make it easy to have a significant relationship with your children when you aren’t even in the same country as them for over a year. And it certainly doesn’t make it easy for her husband who has a job in the US. It seems the only way they can keep to that rule of 2 weeks is because he stops his own work. She certainly isn’t stopping hers.

  • Claudius

    She didn’t speak to the Sun, those are old quotes, lol.

    Cat, actually, she has been in LA a few times this year when she was pregnant with Sunday, no less than 3 times between March and June. She even made her way to LA in October or November last year, something that wasn’t known until a journalist who spoke to her in LA at the time mentioned it and that was when she was shooting her movie and that means, she took time off to go there.

    I don’t think she has been shy about her life with her kids because she has said they live in LA and she lives in Nashville. The children are not babies anymore, they are 13 and 15, if she can board a plane to go visit them then they can pop over to Nashville to see her. Rather than them sitting alone in LA, they can pack their bags, take the plane ride that is about 5 hours long to go see that side of their family. Just because she is their mother is no excuse for her to be doing all the travelling while they seemingly call the shots, they have two homes – LA and Nashville, THEY should go to Nashville and stay there for awhile. I see that she and her husband just bought a house in LA, funnily enough, I haven’t heard Cruise extend the same politeness and buy a place in Nashville so that the kids could see both of them. That is the argument, right?

    Another funny thing, when she had primary custody after the divorce till 2005, not a peep against Cruise did I hear.

    It is not about just them anymore and considering their affiliation with the cult, she may want to start protecting Sunday from all that nonsense.

  • Kate

    Good point about Tom buying a house in Nashville, Claudius! It’s a bit harsh to say that those kids should be chasing their mother all over the country though. I don’t know how often they see their mother (and, to be honest, neither does anyone who doesn’t know them) but I don’t think you can say they call the shots. They’re the kids, she’s the adult. She needs to make an effort to be a good mother.

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