Is Jennifer Garner Expecting A Boy?

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are expecting their second child, and according to, they’re having a boy.

Jennifer visited the baby boutique Petit Treor looking for “cribs, changing tables and gliders” but left with “a few things in blue,” a source from the boutique confirmed.

Among the items she bought: a Kensington chocolate play mat from Plain Mary with a blue monogrammed “A,” as well as matching items emblazoned with the word “hunk” on them, including bibs, burp cloths and T-shirts. She also picked up six light blue blankets from My Blankee.

Jen and Ben are already parents to daughter Violet Anne, 2 1/2. Do you think Jennifer is having a boy this time around?


Photo: Pacific Coast News 9/8

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  • Pencils

    Why does anyone shop at that store since they seem to love gossiping about their customers? I know it’s trendy, but still.

  • Tazina

    I agree. Petit Tresor would be the last place I would shop for baby items. They have a habit of gossiping indiscreetly to the gossip rags about their celebrity clients. This also doesn’t mean Jennifer is having a boy. She has several girlfriends and any one of them might be pregnant.

  • mary

    No way. She is much too smart and private to go to this gossipy store in the middle of Hollywood and buy stuff in “blue” – knowing how scrutinized she is. I’m sure she was buying a gift for someone else, don’t you think?

  • Jen

    Celebs who live in that part of the country are used to being sold out. There are very few stores who don’t rat on their customers.
    Personally if I was a celeb, I’d shop online, but that’s just me.

    You have understand, too, that these are people who make a living out of getting attention. On one hand we think they wouldn’t want certain things made public, but on the other hand, they couldn’t keep up their standard of living if they weren’t constantly in the spotlight. I have a friend who was an actress in LA for several years and she knows how the system works. You have to be willing to surrender your private life in order to be a celebrity. You can’t be anonymous and famous at the same time.

  • k

    My question is why does anyone *believe* Petit Tresor? According to the stories they’ve leaked – Sean Preston Federline is a girl, Honor Marie Warren & Maddie Briann Aldridge are both boys. They “leak” these stories that are just, clearly, patently fabricated. I really wonder if these celebs really do shop there. Or if they just wait until somewhere in the pregnancy where they feel they can get away with it and leak news that it’s a “boy!” whether they know or not.

  • Lala

    You took the words out of my mouth Pencils. Petite Tressor has even been known to leak incorrect info just for a plug for their store. I would never shop there if I was a celebrity.

  • Laura Jane

    I do think Jennifer is having a boy but not because Petit Tressor says so. With most women when you carry a girl you tend to put on weight everywhere starting with the face. When she was carrying Violet, Jennifer’s face was fuller (as was Jessica Alba’s) this time around Jennifer’s pregnancy is different in many ways.

  • Peta

    Did the managers ever stop to think that all this fabricating will turn around to bite them one day?

    Boy, girl…we’ll see when the kid decided to come out.

  • Lana

    It is a total myth about how you carry the babies. gaining weight or not gaining weight has nothing to do with it.

    no one has any idea what she is having except for possibly them.

    all we have to do is wait for victor garber to blab it out. lol. he always seems to be confirming the baby news for them. he was the one who confirmed both pregnancies.

  • Mary

    Believe it or not there is a lot of truth to those myths. Ashley Simpson from the look of her is having a boy, Naomi Watts a girl.

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