Elisabeth Hasselbeck & Grace @ Disney Event

Toys R Us in Times Square rolled out the red carpet this weekend for a star-studded Disney event – the Preschool Toys and Electronics Launch Party on Saturday. Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her daughter Grace, 3, arrived in Volkswagen’s all new 7-passenger Routan minivan.

Photo: Wire Image

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  • Anonymous

    Not to be rude, but, Elisabeth looks so small next to Grace. It looks like Grace should be carrying her mom.
    Im sure its just a bad angle but it looks so weird.

  • Anonymous

    Well she certainly got her father’s genes.

  • Leandra

    That is a large child! She looks like she is dwarfing Elizabeth.

  • dea

    I think it’s the photo angle or the type of lens the photog is using (a fishbowl effect) that makes the subject bigger than the background.

  • marion

    this little girl looks like she has more going for her than her mother, look at the serious look on her face.

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